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A Little Boy and His Fire Truck After such a heavy topic covered in my blog for the past month, I thought I would lighten the load a little bit… My wife watches our son, Steven’s children 2-3 days a week after school. My son and his previous wife are divorced. His ex lives close to us here in Ak...
A Journey to Save a Life: Part Twenty-one/ The Conclusion…Why Did I Write This? First of all, I want to thank those of you who followed along everyday on this journey you have been on. Doing this in a blog format was not easy to follow along, so thank you to those who persevered! You all have bus...
A Journey to Save a Life: Part Twenty/ Gina Speaks I was going to break Gina’s comments up and post them over several days; but, after giving it some thought, I am going to post what she had to say all at one time. So, I have been thinking for days where I should start… Hi everyone! My name is Gi...
A Journey to Save a Life: Part Nineteen/ Our 40th Wedding Anniversary Party I gave each of my kids my book in May. That Christmas, all 4 of our kids threw Steph and me a surprise 40th wedding anniversary party. Gina flew back home with 2 of her 3 children, and my eldest son, Steven, and his fian...
A Journey to Save a Life: Part Eighteen/ My Book to My Children Many times throughout my blog, I made reference to me writing a “mini-book” to my children. I covered a great deal of what was in that book during last year’s Lenten season. The purpose of the book was to tell my children everything ...
A Journey to Save a Life: Part Seventeen/ Gina Begins to Pay it Forward During the 8 months Gina stayed with us, Gina kept in touch with her mom and dad in El Salvador. One of the few good things of being married to her soon to be ex-husband at the time, was that she had regained her Spanish; and...
A Journey to Save a Life: Part Sixteen/ Michael the Peacemaker We once again settled into a life without Gina. At this point, we had not given up on her, but we needed to redirect our attention. There were still five other people in our family, and everyone was hurting in a different way. We need...
A Journey to Save a Life: Part Fifteen/ Gina is Reunited with her Biological Parents For those of you who used the link in Friday’s blog to watch the 60 Minutes video, you had an opportunity to see Gina be reunited with her biological family. I am going to reinsert the link again in case anyone i...
A Journey to Save a Life: Part Fourteen/ Steve Kroft and the 60 Minutes Crew Pay Us a Visit Both Dr. Kirschner, and the group headed by the priest in El Salvador explained to us early on that Gina, if the DNA test came back positive, would be the first American child found out of the 22 children ...
A Journey to Save a Life: Part Thirteen/ The DNA Results Within a week or two, Dr. Kirschner called back to say that, with 99.99% certainty, the orphan girl we had adopted wasn’t an orphan at all. The entire circumstances around which we had tried to build a loving relationship, was a complete fa...

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