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Planning on doing any Holiday Shopping on Black Friday?  While you are out, here's a quick way to lower your credit score: Open new credit cards at every store that offers you a 10% discount for doing so! This hammers your score in two ways: Credit Inquiries can affect up to 10% of your score Typ...
Great question asked by Kelly Waugh in my office.  It's telling that more than half of the loan officers in the country are working in different industries now, while some of the remaining Mortgage Professionals are having their best years ever and helping more people than ever buy new homes and ...
As a Mortgage Lender in Charlotte, Mortgage Assumptions aren't good for my business - but they are great for the sellers of homes with Assumable mortgages.  Loan Assumptions aren't new loans, so as a Licensed Mortgage Loan Originator, I am not involved. Loan assumptions are AWESOME for home selle...
How far back have home prices in Charlotte, NC, fallen?  The charts below from John Burns and Case Schiller, give a good insight.  Thanks to Calculated Risk for crunching the numbers and providing the charts. John Burns uses median price information: (Click on Image for larger Picture)   Looking ...
In Charlotte, NC, First Time Home Buyers can still get a Tax Credit when they buy their house - and this one can be a lot larger than the old $8,000 First Time HOme Buyer Tax Credit. If you have a Smart Phone with a QR Scanner, you can learn more by scanning the image to the right. The Mortgage C...
Mortgage rates have been increasing ever since the Federal Reserve announced they were going to buy $600 Billion in more Government debt in order to spur the economy and keep rates low.  Well what do you know, printing $600 Billion isn't good for interest rates!  Mortgage Rates in Charlotte are g...
When you look back at history, regular people didn't own Real (or Royal) Estate unding the founding of the United States of America.  If not for the Veterans throughout our history fought for and have preserved our liberty, we would not have a "Royal Estate" industry. Thank you all Veterans, past...
Mortgage Rates in Charlotte, NC have taken a beating this past week.  Since the Federal Reserve announced plans to print $600 Billion new dollars and buy US Treasuries in an attempt to spur on the economy, mortgage rates in Charlotte and throughout the Carolina's have jumped from the historic low...
Buying your first home in Charlotte is a HUGE step. Too many qualified people are not looking to buy right now because they are listening to the wrong people.  Don't listen to a newspaper article written by a 23 year old journalism major who rents a house with 5 other people.  Don't listen to a '...

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