ton a ali: Tax Credit Deadline just around the corner. - 04/09/10 01:52 AM
Well according to my desktop countdown clock there are 21 day until the deadline for being under contract.  Closing will be another issue.  I already have clients calling me with comments about how their lender is not being responsive and betting back to them in a timely manor.
I have heard many say the stimulus hasn't really done anything for the housing market; I guess we will see in May.  It has made a difference with the group I work with; first time home buyers.
I enjoy first time home buyers and guiding them through this process.  I had the opportunity … (2 comments)

ton a ali: People will surprise you. - 11/02/09 02:33 PM
Real Estate is a continuous learning experience.  Things you think will or should happen certain ways are always subject to another's thoughts and interpretations. Best rule of thumb is to always get your thoughts down on paper regardless of how obvious the situation may seem.  There are plenty of lines on a contract, use them.  People will surprise you.

ton a ali: 707 Yorkwood Place, East Hampton, Louisville KY 40223 - 10/24/09 12:10 AM

ton a ali: 713 Auburn Oaks Drive, Auburn Oaks, Louisville, KY 40214 - 10/24/09 12:04 AM

ton a ali: Blog, Blog, Blog! - 02/04/09 02:03 AM
It has been and interesting week trying to get things back in order.  We have returned to normal at home, but the work side is still a little crazy.  The phone has just stopped ringing.
I have new signs that I am getting ready to put out and a mailing that is going out today.  The mailing is going out to renters in my area and I added a new item to the post card, I U I.   That stands for Involuntary Unemployment Insurance.  I am meeting with a gentleman today that is representing a company that will insure … (0 comments)

ton a ali: Coming to you LIVE from the Brown Hotel in Louisville - 01/30/09 04:43 AM

I send this latest blog message from the lovely and historical Brown Hotel in snowy downtown Louisville, Kentucky.  I am one of the many weather refugees enjoying the hostpitality of the Brwon.
This weather has been no freind to Realtors lately.  I was getting several calls on my newest listing and the online traffic has been very incouraging, but now no one can get to it.  It, like my house, is near Eastern Parkway and it is just a mess.  Even my pointer signs are coated with snow and inaccessable.  I was at the house today and the wind started … (0 comments)

ton a ali: 848 Fetter Avenue, 40217. Convenient to everything. - 01/25/09 02:43 AM

ton a ali: Non-real estate Blog; North American International Auto Show-Detroit - 01/22/09 05:00 AM
Well it has been about a week since we left for Detroit.  I usually take this trip with one other person for two reasons.  First, there aren't too many people willing to drive 6 hours and stay over night to look at cars and second; I don't like to travel with a crowd.  One other like minded person is about all I can handle.
I have been following "show buz" for the last few weeks through automotive publications and everyone seemed to think that the show was going to be severely scaled back.  It sure wasn't the show it was a … (0 comments)

ton a ali: Happy Inauguration to all of us. - 01/20/09 04:23 AM
What an exciting day for our nation.  I was in the car dashing home to see the oath of office, but had to settle for NPR's live radio broadcast.  I got home in time to view the speech and the balance of the program.
I have great expectation for this President and for our country as a whole.  I hope the call to service is heeded and a renewed sense of American cooperation, both internal and external, is before us. 
Now back to business.  Here are the stats for the last week.  We seem to be seeing fewer listing in … (0 comments)

ton a ali: Stop listening to the Gloom and Doom - 01/19/09 12:41 AM
Just got back from the North American International Auto Show in Detroit and it was a blast.  The show was not a big as previous years, but you really got to get up close to the cars and that is why I go.  More about the show in future blog posts.
Today I received an email from our Board with information that was presented as a service to local Realtors as a pep rally.  We were encourage to keep a positive attitude and continue to do the things we know need to be done to help our … (0 comments)

ton a ali: They may be down, but they're not out; NAIAS 2009. - 01/14/09 11:13 PM
I hope everyone is enjoying the new year and feeling positive about the market, our country and life in general. 
I am very excited because this weekend is the public opening of the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.  Now for Realtors there has not been a lot to really get excited about in the last year before the rates came down, but I used to sell cars for Mercedes Benz and Jaguar and let me tell you, those poor guys are really challenged right now.  I have been there covering the floor and you're trapped with no customers.

ton a ali: First Blog of the New Year - 01/08/09 11:57 PM
Hello and happy new year.  I have been busy with so many things except blogging.  Business is slow, but I am pushing on with marketing and prospecting.  I did finally close that one transaction that has provided several opportunities for cathartic blogging.  I have never worked with a seller that was just not getting it.  In the end my buyer is very happy in her home.  I went over and helped her and her family paint; it was a good time.
Now I am working with a few buyers who, for one reason or another, pulled out of the market last … (1 comments)

ton a ali: Posting Listings - 12/28/08 01:34 PM
Well the holidays are over and we can get back to business.  I have  new listing that I just posted on Localism.  I actually posted two, but one is about to expire.  Beautiful home in Crestwood, but a difficult time for $800,000 listings.  I wasn't aware that you could post listings on Active Rain.  I hope it will help to expose the listing and eventually helps find my seller a suitable buyer. 
We may actually close a transaction that I have been working on since the first week of November.  The seller has been less than truthful with his agent about … (0 comments)

ton a ali: I hope everyone has a safe and fun Thanksgiving Weekend. - 11/24/08 02:06 AM
Nice busy real estate weekend; inspections for a property that has been a bear from the beginning and an early listing appointment followed by an (lonely) open house.
We asked for a 21 day inspection period because the homeowner had storm damage that was supposed to be repaired almost 3 weeks ago.  First it was an issue with the power and now the inspection is on hold because the water that was promised never materialized.  And on we go.  The upside, and there always an upside, is that the house is cute, cute, cute.  Very nicely laid out and renovated … (0 comments)

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