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Some months ago, I had a long conversation with a real estate investor about short sale properties vs. REO properties.  He said he didn't think there was much in the way of savings derived from buying homes through short sales anymore.  Instead, he said it probably made more sense for him to buy ...
When talking to individuals who are just getting started in short sales, I often hear the following question, "Why does it take so long to hear back from lenders about my offers?"   To help answer this common question, I pulled together a short list of possible reasons causing the long holdups.  ...
I've worked with numerous homeowners that faced foreclosure.  Many wanted my help in negotiating repayment plans with their lenders and others wanted my help with representing them in short sales.  For those of you who are currently mulling over which route is best to solve your mortgage problems...
I'm a Short Sales Specialist and I've done hundreds of short sales for real estate investors.  When I first started doing short sales, I didn't have the luxury of attending a beginner's short sales workshop to help me get up to speed right away on the subject. So, naturally, the next thing I did ...

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