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A home warranty on a home is a great plus.  It gives both the buyer and seller peace of mind long after the closing.  Many buyers are doing all that they can to get into their home home and if something breaks, well it is really hard.  They just don't have the extra money.  In this market, it is ...
In February inventory fell 2.2% to 11,541 condos for sale in Palm Beach County.  Sales rose in 7.3% during the last month.  Interesting enough, solds are up 23.6% over last year.  Wow!  So what does that mean?  The season was successful and prices are such that we are at the "Oh my gosh, price". ...
Deciding to get your home on the market is a big one.  The homes that are getting the contracts are the best value which means that condition is really important.  How do you get buyers to love your home? 1.  First de-clutter.  See what you can pre-pack.  Do you need all of the kitchen gadgets?  ...
Pricing isn't the only thing, it's just the first thing.  Let's use a non real estate example.  If you're buying milk on your way home.  You go to the shelf and one of the milk cartoons has great marketing however the milk next to it is the same milk however has a lower price and a plan container...
Why you ask?  I actually was able to give some good news to a new seller.  Due to the negative news they have been reading, they felt like it was hopeless to get their sold sign.  After just a few minutes together, they now know that they will get their sold sign and more likely for MORE than the...
Having your home on the market and having it shown is a very interesting time of the process.  We hope these tips will help you make it easier. 1.  Put on the lights.  Turn on all the lights in the house.  Buyers want light and bright so it is important to do this whenever possible. 2.  Take the ...
Are you visiting Delray Beach?  Then you must visit the Green Owl.   The Green Owl has been a favorite right on Atlantic Ave. in Delray Beach for YEARS.  This local and visitor favorite is wonderful as it has great food, a wonderful location and reasonable prices.  The Green Owl is open for Break...
This weekend we have a great South Florida event, The Boat Show.  This is the perfect weekend to come downtown West Palm Beach on the docks and look at boats and luxury yachts.  There is everything from your fishing boats, catamarans and lots of fun things to look at.  Be sure to visit the Cheec...
You've done it.  You've made the decision to sell.  Good for you.  Now what?  You need to look at your home and see what needs to be done to win the Beauty Contest in a Price War.  It's ok, take a breath, it's really not that hard.  Here are a few tips: 1.  Go outside, walk across the street and ...
If you're looking at buying a home and financing, then be sure to tune into our show this Saturday on 1290 am at 8:30 am.  We will have Academy Mortgage on to speak about the information that you need to know about.  Also visit to see all of the of the home f...

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