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 Blurring Day in Atlanta  So I am out of town in Atlanta, visiting friends and at a Conference dear to my heart. The days have been full and I'm having a blast. The weather, the Southern hospitality, the scenery have all been a wonderful experience. Things are moving at a quick pace but I'm enjoy...
 I Couldn't Help But Notice That I was Too Big  There are just times when I do not fit in. At 6 feet 5 inches, there are times when I may have to work to get around. I couldn't help notice that the ceiling height in the restroom was about 6 feet, that would be a problem to stand comfortably.  
 Five Reasons Why I Love Living In El Dorado County  When Ron Marshall first introduced his June Contest I began to think of all the things that I love about living in El Dorado County. Many of the things that come to mind really was not at the top of the list when considering the move from anoth...
 I'm Not Ready To Show You All My Home I don't know about you but I never feel that my home is quite ready to show the general public. Don't get me wrong, we entertain all the time, small parties with close friends in our circles. As a contractor, I can't yet put photos of my home; I need more ti...
 Secret Hotspot in El Dorado County There is something about living up in the foothills of the Sierra Mountains, there are a lot of secrets for those who take the time to explore them. Part of the secret lies in the small towns of these gold rush days, the towns are small and the locals seem to k...
 Digging Up Some Old Sacramento Building Permits  One of the advantages of doing construction repair work in a Sacramento apartment community is that some of the work gets repeated. Many of the units are identical in size and design, repairs that need to be done in one unit may have already been ...
 Next Week is Shark Week I don't know if I would even know what Shark Week is if it weren't for my three sons getting into it years ago. I find sharks fascinating but the Discovery Channel has brought it to a new level. Next week is the one week of the year that my sons just all worked up over th...
  Enough Of The Grinding, Let's Yank It Up!  Tree roots can do lot of damage to concrete and asphault surfaces. Since landscaping does get planted close, these problems will occur at some point in the future. There are different solutions.One solution is the grind the sidewalk to create a safer w...
 Yeah, It Looks Like This Has Been Happening For A While. There are many times when we get a call for the first time to look at a problem that has been discovered. The discovery may be by the tenant, homeowner, management or even a tradesman. But just because it is the first time that I have hear...
 I had the opportunity to help out my mother with something arounf her home in San Jose yesterday. It was quite extension and had just a little bit of help, so it took all day to complete. We needed to get back to Placefville so we headed home, this was the view as we were getting on the freeway....

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