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  Sometimes we need to stop and think things though. The quickest solution may not be the best in the long run. Take wiring for example, where does yours run. Too often we see cable, telephone and electrical wires running all over the surface of  homes and apartments that just looks horrible. Not...
Fogging Dual Pane Windows Can Be A Quick Fix, you may not even need a contractor. We have all seen dual pane windows that have gotten foggy over time. It starts out as a slight discoloration that doesn't clean up after washing the windows. The problem is not on the outside, but on the inside of t...
Apple Hill Ranches to open this Labor Day Weekend.     If you have lived anywhere near the El Dorado County, you have heard of Apple Hill. The Apple Hill area is home to many large apple orchards that will be open to the public beginning this Labor Day Weekend.   September 3rd through 5th will be...
I don't know about you, but I have never seen an eagle in the wild until recently. I've seen pictures and videos of the beautiful bird but never in person. On a recent vacation to Alaska, from a cruise ship I was able to get a video using a zoom feature. The video starts as we aproach a small isl...
  I had the opportunity to golf in a tournament yesterday at Diamond Oaks Golf Course. I didn't win the tournament but I certainly had a good time. The tournament participants were friends and trades people in the construction field. The course was one of the finest public courses that I have pla...
  Yes, Your Siding Does Look Rotten, But It May Not Be As Bad As You Think! After a few decades of seasonal rain, sun, frost; you may have some damage to your siding. When you property was first built the new materials were installed and probably painted or stained to protect it from the weather....
  I was trying to get a photo of some faint light rays coming through the dark trees behind my house, but the photo came out too dark. Once I got it on the computer screen, I could see two eyes that had reflected back to the camera. I have had this experience with a flashlight, the eyes were far ...
I was recently at the movie theatre near Placerville, Ca. While driving in the parking structure looking for parking, I saw a spot that was open very near to the entrance. Sandwiched between two handicap parking spaces was a third spot that may be the best kept secret in Placerville. As you can s...
    A few years ago we heard of a cat that was abandoned in an apartment community. I was never much of a cat lover. But his guy reason has earned my appreciation for cats. There has been a lot of talk recently about people leaving there pets when they move out of there homes and apartments. Pass...
  You may have experienced this in your own home. The rainy season starts and you notice a few drops of water on the window sill, you probably just wipe it up and forget about it. Perhaps it only happens when the winds are strong, no big deal. Or maybe it is.   There are several ways for a windo...

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