painting: Preparing For The Painters - 06/14/15 10:04 PM
Preparing For The Painters
Sometimes I just choose not to ask why, I just give a bid as requested. We get calls to bridge the gap in between other trades, it isn't the most efficient way to do things and probably could have been avoided if a general contractor were used.
Today, for example, we will be preparing recent exterior repairs by a contractor for paint. The contractor could have easily made the work ready, but for some reason was not asked to do so. The painter will be preparing the rest of the building for paint, but not this new work for … (12 comments)

painting: It’s Not Done Until It’s Painted – So I Painted - 08/25/14 11:45 AM
It’s Not Done Until It’s Painted – So I Painted
I often get asked if I am done with the job. Sometimes it is because the client doesn’t know what it is that I am doing they just see things put back together. Today was a little different because the bollards were set last week. They asked if it was done.
Well it wasn’t done yet because it wasn’t paint. The caution tape was left up so that it wasn’t hit while the concrete was setting up. When I arrived in the morning, I acid washed the posts to … (19 comments)

painting: Do You Know What Your General Contractor is Capable of Doing? - 03/30/14 05:07 PM
Can we give you an estimate to do some dry rot repairs on your Elk Grove apartment clubhouse with the painting estimate that you requested? Often times we discover minor dry rot repairs that did not get noticed by the staff when doing some other project. Sometimes it just makes sense for the same contractor to do the entire job at once.
Being a general contractor in the Sacramento Region, I get a chance to see a lot of repair work that is needed. While measuring a clubhouse at an Elk Grove apartment community, I noticed that there was … (25 comments)

painting: How do you paint behind a toilet? - 02/06/14 05:11 AM
How do you paint behind a toilet?
If you’ve ever painted a bathroom, you know what a challenge it can be to get between the toilet and wall. It’s usually a tight squeeze and sometimes actually touching the wall. So it’s not always possible to get behind the toilet with that fresh coat of paint.
Does it really matter? Often times if you can reach back far enough, no one would ever notice. They do make these small paint rollers that can fit behind the plumbing fixture and makes things very easy. The alternative would be to … (40 comments)

painting: Anybody Can Paint A Wall - 12/21/13 02:12 PM
Anybody Can Paint A Wall

There isn’t much to painting really – apply the paint and let it try. It seems so simple to everyone, but it’s the little things that make a different in the final product.
Things like: making sure that the paint covers all areas, cutting in with straight lines, and cleaning up can make all the difference in the world to a successful home improvement project.

painting: Can We Get In The Office After The Office Is Closed? - 07/05/13 02:37 PM
Can We Get In The Office After The Office Is Closed?

As a general contractor in Sacramento, it is important to be able to work around the schedule of the client. The less disruptive we are, during the normal course of business, the more valuable our service is to the customer.
If you are in need of having your office painted, it would be to your advantage to work with a contractor who can come in while you are gone and paint. When you come back into the office and it is cleaned up and … (2 comments)

painting: Paint That Wood Repair In Sacramento After The Work Is Completed - 05/24/13 01:16 PM
Do I Have To Paint That New Wood Right Away?
How many times have you driven by a home or apartment building and saw areas of wood repair that does not get painted. The repair may or may not be primed but it goes unpainted for months, even years. This is not good. In Sacramento, it is best to paint all areas of wood repair shortly after completing the work to protect the new wood from unnecessary exposure.
I had an opportunity to drive by a property that we did extensive dry rot repair several months ago. I was … (5 comments)

painting: Five Reasons Why a Contractor Uses a Primer Before Painting - 08/05/12 06:44 AM
Five Reasons Why a Contractor Uses a Primer Before Painting

You just patched that hole in the ceiling and want to get it painted. You get some paint and slap on a couple of generous coats on the repaired surfaces and wait for it to dry. When the job is completed, you notice that the repaired damaged area doesn’t look as good as you thought it would look. A qualified painting contractor would probably have done it a little different.

It is a common misconception that paints and primer is the same thing; they are not. While … (28 comments)

painting: Need a painter before listing your home, or are you painting yourself? - 05/20/12 04:16 PM
You know you need to get your home looking its best before listing it with an agent. There may be a long list of things to do; painting your home probably needs to be done. A fresh coat of paint can do wonders toward making a home presentable for sale. Do I need to find a contractor who can paint, or can I do it myself and save some money?

Considering Painting Yourself?
How large is the area to be painted? How much time do you have to take on this project? Do you have experience with … (10 comments)

painting: What color painter's tape are you using? - 10/11/11 09:22 PM
What color painter's tape are you using?
In the past, painting a straight line required a steady hand and a lot of patience. The use of masking tape to create a covered surface that could be peeled away to leave a straight line was the next best thing. There were some faults in using regular masking tape. The tape couldn’t be left too long in the sun, it would leave adhesive on some surfaces, and if paint was applied too liberally, it would bleed under the tape. Things are different today.
There are colored tapes that are sold … (44 comments)

painting: Painting? - You Can't Just Cover Up Nicotine Stained Walls - 08/15/11 02:58 PM
Before painting surfaces that are stained from nicotine smoke, some prep work is highly recommended. To paint over surfaces without the proper preparation, will likely cause the nicotine to bleed through the final paint, AND the smell will remain. If you are going to paint, spend the time now to prepare the surface correctly.
First, clean up the surfaces with TSP or equivalent cleaner. Follow the instructions, usually wipe surfaces then rinse. Were trying to get a lot of the surface stuff off here. Start getting ready for the next step while allowing surfaces to dry. Let’s prime!
Priming the walls … (17 comments)

painting: Don't Paint Until It Is Time To Paint - A Contractor's Plea! - 01/29/11 05:47 PM
Client thinking of paint their home this spring? Better plan on doing any repairs first.
I see it much too often, homeowners wanting some repairs done after the home has been painted. I'm talking about the exterior here but it applies to the interior as well. The painting should be the last thing scheduled to be done. The final project, the final touch, the let's have a party cuz we are done!
I've been called to replace some gutters, patch some stucco, repair some dry rot on trim boards - All after the exterior painting is complete. I hear "the painter noticed … (3 comments)

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