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Retaining Wall Posts Are Rotted   We are working on replacing a long section of retaining walls in Cameron Park made of wood. The wood posts, though pressure treated to preserve, are rotten in the center of the post. It appears that the tops and bottoms of the pressure treated lumber was not prot...
Can You Get Matching Siding in Sacramento?   One of the concerns with doing any home repair or improvement in Sacramento is finding matching building materials. A bad match will only make the new work look out of place. So it is not uncommon for a contractor to be asked if matching materials are ...
I See Where The Leak Was, Why Are We Not Repairing It?   I'm not always sure what it is that goes through the thinking process of management sometimes, I just do as I am instructed. To do more may make sense to me but I may not know all the facts. This ceiling was the result of a water leak a few...
Sometimes The Lender Sets The Rules   We get calls in the Sacramento Region for dry rot and water damage repairs on a regular basis. Sometimes the repairs are necessary before the funding of a loan will happen. Last week we had to complete some wood rot before the refinance would be approved. We ...
Sometimes Those Hairline Cracks Just Keep Coming Back   There are some buildings that have a tendency to shift. I'm not talking about major settling but movements great enough to cause those hairline cracks in the walls or ceilings. With some buildings this shifting is temporary, some a regular i...
All Good Decks Start With A Solid Framework   No matter what kind of deck you are building, having a solid base is necessary for a long lasting outdoor feature. Without a rigid support, many bad things can happen and no one wants that. Getting the proper building permits can go a long way in gett...
Looking At Changing Some Cabinets   There are many apartment communities in the Sacramento Region that have been looking to update their units. Installing new kitchen cabinets, counters, and fixtures can all be done in a single day if planned correctly.  Wouldn't you like an updated kitchen in a ...
It's Fire Season In Our Dry State   The fires have once again come close to the County of El Dorado. We can certainly see and smell the fire roaring in Amador County, the prevailing wind is in our direction. Our prayers go out to all the families effected by the fire that has grown to 50,000 acre...
 Wildlife Traffic In The Foothills Of El Dorado County  While leaving a job site yesterday at the end of the day, we ran into some traffic right there on the property. It seems that the local geese have the right of way and aren't afraid to exercise that right. They did move over shortly after th...
 That Wood Fence Isn't Too Bad, Just Need Some New Fence Posts  Wood fences are not all the difficult in design. Strong posts to keep things up and straight, good framing to support the fencing, and a lasting connection to the fence boards. Each of these are important to a good fence.Came across ...

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