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  A Cracked Beam Is Not A Good Sign     So I got an emergency call stating that the upstairs deck needed to be replaced. It starts with an estimate so I got out there right away to take a look at it. Seeing the cracked beam, I knew it was something that needed attention soon. I hope it get this o...
 Happy Father's Day! 
 Even A Little Dust Is A Big Deal.  When working in office and places with electronic equipment, we have to be mindful of the dust that can be created in doing repairs and improvements. Even the slightest of projects can be troublesome in an office setting. Getting things protected has to be a pr...
 She Was Removing The Electrical From The Home   Sometimes you just can't explain why people do the things they do; It can be worse when it is not caught in the early stages. I came across this mess yesterday. It appears that the woman who lived here felt the need to dig into the sheetrock walls ...
 A New View Today  I have always enjoyed the view from the back of my home, we get to see the sunrise up over the horizon. That view got a lot larger after the removal of a large oak tree that had died and remained standing a few years now.   When the oak was still living, it helped to 'frame in”...
 Yes There Was A Water Leak  Inside The Ceiling Area   The leak was sudden but the cause happened over a year ago. When this leak was detected the resident could hear the water hissing in the included area. Water was flowing into the unit in no time and something needed to be done. The water was ...
 Preparing For The Painters  Sometimes I just choose not to ask why, I just give a bid as requested. We get calls to bridge the gap in between other trades, it isn't the most efficient way to do things and probably could have been avoided if a general contractor were used.Today, for example, we w...
 Sacramento Mobile Home Dry Rot Repair  Mobile homes can suffer from dry rot just like any other home. The construction of these homes tend to be a bit different, it is not uncommon to find metal roofs and siding. On a recent visit to look at a job in Sacramento, we found dry rot under the exteri...
 Dust-free Electrical Outlet Removal   I wanted a quick photo of some gladiolas from my yard to send to some friends, no big deal. Maybe it's just me but I get a little obsessed when I look at photos and my attention is drawn away from the subject. When taking photos, I probably should slow down ...
 It May Be Just a Little Dry Rot Repair in Sacramento  I have done more than my share of dry rot repairs in the Sacramento Region as a general contractor. If you think you may have some areas of rotted wood don't ignore it, have the rot looked at by an experience contractor. It may just be a mino...

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