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 It Was A Seasonal Water Leak  We get to see a large variety of water related damages in the Sacramento area, the damages can come from many sources. Recently, I was asked to look into a leak found in the closet. There was no know water sources there.That's not entirely true, there was a condensa...
 I Had To Stop In At A Restaurant On The Way Home  I wasn't there to eat, I had to check out some woodwork that I client was interested in matching. So on my way home I parked and walked passed this fountain in front of the restaurant in the Town Center in El Dorado Hills.   
 "I Can See Why It Is Leaking”  It is clear that you have a problem with your gutters, it's falling off the building. You may be thinking, let's just nail it back on. That may be the answer but I would bet that it is more than some missing nails.If you are experiencing something like this maybe y...
 But We Have New Windows Installed  I got a chance to look at some new windows that were install not too long ago with a wood rot problem. The problem is not in the new windows but the original framing and trim of the original window. The retrofitted windows should have included a better job of c...
 Can You Remove That Fireplace in My Sacramento Home? Wanna remove that fireplace in your home in Sacramento? It can be done and sometimes it can be fairing simple to do. It may involve several trades to get things cleaned up and gone but we can do it. The reasons may vary but there are some who ...
 That Doesn't Look Safe, I'll Be There Tomorrow To Fix That Railing  I have been getting a bunch of calls for the repair and replacement of railings this week, seems that many has started to notice that they have a problem and need help. This is important because the risk to injury is great and n...
 Hey Tom, We Need Your Help Over Here!  Friends and family know that they van call me with their water damage problems, even if it is a current leak. It is what I do most and they know it. It usually is a surprise to get a call, most leaks are like that.The leak was controlled inside the home and...
 Is That Three Year Old Estimate Still Good?  Funny how some of the estimates that the contractor can churn out can sit on a counter or drawer for years like it is some sort of locked in price to be played whenever ready. Forget that a lot of time and energy may have gone into the production of t...
 Adding Some Under The Cabinet Lighting  As a part of a kitchen remodel in Cameron Park, a contractor may be asked to do a small portion of a owner/contractor remodel. I had the opportunity to add some under the cabinet lighting in a kitchen in Cameron Park. This was one of the final touches as t...
 Looking At A List Of Rot Projects  I am in the middle of bidding on a large dry rot project in Sacramento. The list is pretty extensive, several pages of spreadsheet, and needs to be put together this week. I expect to be bidding against a handful of vendors from the vendors list, I think we hav...

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