jason price: Time to Reminisce by the Lake - 03/27/07 05:20 AM
This past weekend, I got the chance to step back in time and enjoy a pleasant day at the lakeside.  You see Mt. Dora held its 20th Annual Antique Boat Festival at Lake Dora.  With over 300 antique boats, there was plenty to see and enjoy.  This year's feature boats were the Garr Woods... enjoy the show
Hitching up a boat not your thing... then just drive right on in.
For a couple bucks, the captains of these fine vessels will take you for a cruise on the lake.  But, if your sea legs aren't up for the affair, then you could spend … (12 comments)

jason price: Mark Your Calendars... It's Time To Meet One Another - 03/13/07 03:15 AM
This is a great opportunity for fellow Active Rainers to meet and greet each other, both Realtors/Agents and Mortgage Professionals.
FAMB (the Florida Association of Mortgage Brokers), the oldest and largest Mortgage Broker Association in the nation, is getting ready for its annual convention to be held July 11 - 14. You do not need to be a member to attend this convention/trade-show. At the convention, one can attend any of the many continuing education courses that will be made available (classes have not been posted at this time.)  Or simply wander the trade-show floor in search of a new lender that … (2 comments)

jason price: 2 Average Joes & Bermuda Dunes Vs. MetroWest Golf Club (Thank You Active Rain For This Opportunity) - 03/06/07 08:12 AM
By Jason Price2 Average Joes Golf had the privilege of being invited this weekend to play at the MetroWest Golf Club.  Our hosts that sponsored this event were the wonderful people of American Invsco, The Nation’s Leading Condominium Developer, who are promoting one of their newest project, Bermuda Dunes.
Before we teed off, Dino Pizzoferrato, Project Manager for Bermuda Dunes, gave us a tour of the luxury condos.  We started off at the clubhouse.  Within the grounds of the clubhouse, one can find many ways to break loose from a long day… whether it be playing racquetball in the air condition court, … (11 comments)

jason price: I am trying to contact you, but - 02/26/07 02:32 PM
This is a little bit of a rant, but more so, it is a reminder.
This evening I sent a group email out to all the members of the Mortgages group.  Within 5 minutes (that is how often I have my Outlook refresh), I had about 6 notifications from the Mailer Demon (I know that is not really what it is called but that is what I call it, and I am sure many of you share the same feeling) telling me that the email is bad or undeliverable.
Now, why would anyone enter the wrong information or not update their information?  This … (8 comments)

jason price: A New Taste in Umatilla - 02/22/07 03:04 PM
When one thinks of fine cuisine in Lake County, Mt. Dora, Clermont, and the Villages top the charts.  Umatilla (YOU-MA-TILL-A) may not have even been on the list until now. 
Kit and Michael Hill, owners of Michael's, recently moved to the Umatilla area and brought with them Michael's passion of fine cuisine.  They purchased a small building off of SR19 in Umatilla that once housed "U China Buffet."  With a little help from Leslie Wasgatt of LDW Faux and Mural, the restaurant got a fresh new look to attract people to come visit the new establishment.
When you first walk in, you … (14 comments)

jason price: CONTESTS: BEST LOGO WINS - 02/22/07 07:13 AM
About 1-2 weeks ago, I asked for some help on designing a logo for 2 Average Joes Golf (2AJG).  The only logo that was submitted was mine posted as a joke.  So, I have decided to up the ante on getting some logo designs.  We have the website up and running, the review platform has been put in place, and we still are missing a logo.
Submit a logoin the comments section that you think will best describe 2AJG.  Keep in mind that the logo will also be used for promotional items, so it will have to be some what simple and small.
That's … (14 comments)

jason price: 2 Average Joes vs. Black Bear Golf Club - 02/18/07 12:16 PM
2 Average Joes Vs. Black Bear Golf Club (Eustis, Florida)
Aye, Lasses and Lads... I had the best time playing my round of golf today.  A crisp cool 50 degrees with a wind that would make you wish you wore something under your kilt.  My wife thought I was insane to go out today, but I needed to satisfy my craving for the course.
If the roughs were knee high reeds and heather, I could have sworn I was playing on a Links course over in Scotland today.  Between the weather and the course itself, I was probably as close as I ever would … (5 comments)

jason price: 2 Average Joes Golf Needs Your Help - 02/13/07 11:45 AM
My Fellow ActiveRain and Localism Contributors (who like to play golf),
2 Average Joes Golf needs your help in writing golf course reviews about your local golf courses.  Marc Blasi and I have already started taking upon the task of completing 2 reviews (of which one got published in the local monthly paper - free publicity) for the Central Florida area. (1) and (2)
Our goal is to incorporate our idea in conjunction with Localism and to provide an extra site for golfers to learn more about the course(s) within the neighborhood that they are interested in buying a home in.  If you are interested in writing … (17 comments)

jason price: 2 Average Joes Makes Its Official Publishing Debut For Playing Mount Dora Golf Club - 02/03/07 10:10 AM
Last month, I wrote a post about how to use Localism to get a free round of golf and free publicity.
Well, as they say the proof is in the pudding.  Two weeks ago, I met an editor-in-chief at one of my networking groups that expressed interest in my concept.  After expressing interest about the paper she works for, she asked me to forward one of my reviews.  The paper that she works for is called the "Homesteader".  It is a direct mail newsletter that is sent out monthly to all new homeowners in the Lake County area.
Perfect plug for me... especially if someone … (44 comments)

jason price: A Little Bit of Art and Little Bit of History - 02/03/07 04:33 AM
This weekend in Mt. Dora, Florida, located in Lake County not too far away from where Friday's deadly tornadoes ravaged parts of Lake County, life goes on with a couple festivities.  Turn out to these events may be at an all time low because of Friday's events, but people are still expected to turn out.
In historic downtown Mt. Dora, art is the talk of the town.  The 32nd annual, nationally ranked Art Festival has yet again arrived.  This year with over 285 artists from all over the world are expected to converge into the narrow streets of old town Mt. Dora to … (1 comments)

jason price: The Perfect Tenant :) - 01/28/07 03:29 PM
OK... My wife forwarded me this email last night.  I tried to find out the original source of the email, but could not trace it back to one single individual... so the author is ANONYMOUS. Hope you enjoy. :)


jason price: Welcome Rebecca Brillhart - 01/26/07 03:38 AM
It is my pleasure to introduce to ActiveRain and Localism Rebecca Brillhart.
Rebecca is also the newest broker to join the Knightlines Mortgage Services, LLC team.
With her experience in real estate (NYC market) and her connection in the film industry, she will have a vital role in the growth and developement of Knightlines.  As a mortgage broker, she will be overseeing our growth into the Orlando/Orange County, Florida market.
Rebecca will also have a very active part in providing photos for the Localism.com website compliments of her background and education in film.   I have already previewed some of the photos that she will … (4 comments)

jason price: Don't Worry About the Bold Print. We're Not Trying to Hide Anything! - 01/20/07 06:50 AM
Ann Guy wrote a post yesterday about Jerry Seinfeld having to pay his realtor commissions on a house that he purchased without her help.  Apparently, the judge ruled in favor of the realtor.
Well, this topic brought to my mind a topic that most consumers may not be aware of and it never really is disclosed to them.  In the State of Florida, there is a special addendum added to the end of each and every mortgage brokerage business contract.  Here is what it says: (The following is supplied from Florida Statute 494)
"You are entering into a contract with a mortgage brokerage … (21 comments)

jason price: Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill - 01/16/07 02:57 PM
It is only 55 days until the Arnold Palmer Invitational presented by MasterCard (formerly known as the Bay Hill Invitational present by MasterCard) will tee off.  This week long event is set to begin on Monday, March 12 and carry through to the 18th.
(Yes, it is the new logo for the tournament)
There is a great history surrounding this event that date back to 1966, when the Florida Citrus Open was help a Rio Pinar Country Club in Orlando, FL.  It was not until Palmer took up residence at Bay Hill that the tournament moved to is current course.  Over the years, the course … (4 comments)

jason price: Madison's Birthday Thank Yous - 01/14/07 03:23 AM
Yesterday, Marc Blasi put up a post letting everyone know that it was my daughter's (Madison's) birthday.  Then, Allison Stewart sent out a group email to all members of the Realtor group asking members to wish my daughter a Happy Birthday.
Madison, Tricia, and I would like to send out a warm "Thank You" to everyone who sent us an email or left a comment on Marc's post.
Madison got lots of great toys and a many more clothes (which is good because she is growing out of clothes so fast.)  She got to open her own presents, which took forever because she … (21 comments)

jason price: 2 Average Joes vs. Mount Dora Golf Club - 01/13/07 03:16 AM
This is the second installment of 2 Average Joes trying out a golf course.  Unfortunately, Mr. Blasi had more important things to do today, than to drive up to Lake County (3 hour drive) to play a round of golf.  (Don't worry, I found a substitute to cover for you, Marc.  Oh, and Madison will forgive you for not coming to her Birthday party.  But she did say you better be there for her 2 year party.)
Well, I would start this off with all the technical stuff like course par, yardage, slope, grass types, and such, but I am not a … (10 comments)

jason price: Would You Sell Your Mobile Home For Over $1 Million?! - 01/10/07 01:49 PM
Hold on... back up for just a second.  Did I really just type that?  Sell a MOBILE HOME for $1 Million (that is 1 followed by 6 zeroes)... Yes, I guess I did just do that.  So, what's the deal?
Tucked away in sunny South Florida is little known town (Heck, I never heard of it.  And I grew up in Palm Beach County).  The town is called Briny Breezes (Apparently, it does really exist because ActiveRain let me post it to the city for About a Region.)  It is located just south of Boynton Beach in Palm Beach County.  For those … (14 comments)

jason price: You Don't Have to be a Literature Major to Write a Featured Blog Or Even a Good Post - 01/09/07 08:45 AM
Just in the last two days, you may noticed that some members of Active Rain are trying to get newbies and less active members more active.  Rich Jacobson wrote "BLOG, or Get Off the Pot!" asking members to write to the group.  Stop lurking in the cyber alleys watching others go by.  Hop out into the main stream and build a persona for yourself.
Kristal Kraft wrote today, "The Official Unofficial Guide to Getting Involved on Active Rain..." to help teach how to post an article to the network.  She used screen prints to illustrate each step on how to create and post … (139 comments)

jason price: Two Average Joes + A Golf Course + Localism.com = Free Golf & Free Publicity - 01/05/07 10:40 AM
With a little inspiration from Linda Davis, Nima Rezvan, and Jeff Belonger, I have put together a business plan to increase my local marketing plus enjoy a round of golf and have it all cost me virtually nothing.
So here is the plan:  Take two averages Joes, that would be Marc Blasi and me.  Then, we go around to the local golf courses and offer to write a review on their course that will be viewed by thousands, if not millions (Localism.com). - Thanks Linda for giving us the idea of trying out for the PGA circuit (I think this is the … (34 comments)

jason price: So, I am a little too honest - 01/05/07 03:38 AM
Alexander Harb, of "The Knights Team"/Keller Williams at the Lakes, has been talking to me lately about his problem child that he has mentioned here on AR.  I spoke to this client earlier this week to start gathering the information that I needed.
So, let's get into the details.  Before this file was sent my way, the client was working with a broker who qualified the client for $x.  The client was also trying to get down payment assistance through the state.  The broker was also telling the borrower to go for a 6% seller concession on top of all this.  Then … (36 comments)

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