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I believe most of you know about the new Fannie Mae regulations for borrowers who purposely default on their mortgages. If you do not, one is quite simple. If you “strategically default” on your mortgage, you will have a seven year ban on new Fannie Mae loans. They are using this as a means of de...
The advent of technology has made its way to all fields and real estate is no exception. The field of real estate has always been dynamic and involved lots of data which has made technology a real helper in this field. As this field involves both buying and selling, there are lots of transactions...
  A blog or a web log is a track kept online of the events that have occurred recently. Blogs are popular mainly because they give the reader first hand information on the events that have been put up on the blog. Off late, these blogs are being used for more than just this; they are used for adv...
  If you are looking for a career in the real estate industry, there are a few things you need to know. We all assume that being a realtor in the United States of America is the best way to make big money. This isn’t entirely true. With the recent recession, many agents have been forced to take u...
Real estate professionals are the group of people who are directly involved in connecting the real estate buyers and the sellers.  They facilitate the process of buying and selling between two parties for commission.  Besides mediating between buyers and sellers real estate professionals also hel...

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