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Not that any of us need help with distractions, but here are some useful items to make your computer life a little more enjoyable and fun:   Vlad Studio: Vlad is a Russian programmer who does amazing work, and in his free time makes really cool wallpapers. These can be downloaded for free from hi...
The good news: Our company, Keller Williams Realty Mid-Willamette is in the process of moving to a new home, and we have a clean slate with our new building to start from scratch with our phone system.   The bad: Having to make the decision for a new phone system.     After talking to no less tha...
Is anyone out there in ActiveRain land using google voice (or a similar service) for their phone calls and voicemail? I have such a hard time (which I know I need to get better at) writing down notes about transactions and phone calls. I think with google voice, the features available in it might...
Wow, long time no talk! But on to the issues:   I'm having a problem with adobe acrobat and the Instanetforms desktop software. Instanet states that it's an adobe acrobat reader issue and that it is a corrupt install. I think it's bad software coding on the Instanet Forms desktop software, and th...
Apparently, I'm against Oregon 66 and 67. http://www.oregonrealtors.org/.docs/pg/10746   The problem with this is that I am FOR these taxes. I'm not afraid to pay my fair share, and fully believe that others should pay their fair share also. These two bills are not "job killers". Raising the mini...
It's time to talk about phishing. No, not the kind like my family just did this past weekend out on Lake Pacific. You should see the pictures, glassy smooth! We're talking about the more malicious kind of phishing.   There are people out there who are trying to steal your login information. It's ...
Hopefully you know how, or at least have the understanding that your computer files need to be backed up.   There are a few ways that this can be done:   No backup: This is probably how 95% or more of us run our business, which is a complete mistake and could be very costly in the end. We downloa...
When you are preparing for an Open House, what do you do?   Do you put an advertisement in the newspaper?Do you advertise on your MLS?Do you send out a mailer to clients or a farm?Do you knock on doors in the neighborhood?Do you put up directional signs only?Do you advertise on Craigslist? ... Tr...
Walked in the door this morning and was handed a floor "call". This came in as a fax from somewhere... A Hand written note with e-mail headers rather than fax headers.   ++++++ Dear Realtor,   My name is Martha Johnson.    I have clients in your area.      May I refer these clients to you?      M...
I've been asked recently about computer purchases:   "I need a new desktop""I need a laptop for XYZ..."   The problem with these questions is that when shopping we try to compare Apples and oranges. When you go shopping for clothes, we make purchases often based on quality, style, fabric, and of ...

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