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Absorption Cost is often presented as a way to differentiate yourself on presentations because not every agent will know how to calculate this. Basically, one grabs the number of home sales competitive with the subject property in a given time frame, divides by the number of months to get the hom...
This is easy to overlook for many sellers or agents, it is the appraiser that you now need to sell the home to! Especially in the case that the home is very nice and has a lot of upgrades that put the home in the top tier in a neighborhood, it needs to be in tip top showing condition when the app...
I have run into this a few times over the years, the gap between the expectation of cleanliness between buyer and seller is not specifically mentioned in the contract and can cause a problem.Many times, buyers and sellers are extremely busy moving from one dwelling to another and there is a wide...
My first blog on ActiveRain was in March of 2008, wow, the time flies! I noticed a section under the University Tab, called Video Tutorials for the first time a couple of weeks ago, it showed me how to put the RE/MAX JD Power header on my blog. I'd always noticed that some bloggers seemed to have...
Do you want to be on House Hunters?  Well, it's possible, I know a little about the process of being selected. 1) Send in a realtor video and a homebuyer video.  Short, not more than two minutes on each video. 2) Timing is critical, the show is not always accepting applications.  Right now they a...
As we get busy over the holidays, it's easy to become an accident statistic.  I hope everyone that reads this blog is careful and avoids these common holiday time accidents! 1) Fires- Electrical fires are very common during the holidays due to holiday lighting and fires caused by candles are also...
If you are selling your home on your own because there is not much equity in the home and you don't think you can afford to pay a realtor, you may be better of attempting a short sale if some or all of the following apply. 1.  Have an agent give an objective valuation of the property to see if th...
The USTA Challenger will be played at Philcrest Hills Tennis Club in Tulsa from September 10th to the 18th! The matches will feature USTA players with a world ranking  between 100-500.  The first weekend will feature qualifying matches with local top college players and others vying for a spot in...
Say you or I borrowed $10,000 on a credit card and three months later discussed with the issuing bank the fact that we had hit hard times and might not be able to pay the money back. The bank would undoubtedly reduce our credit limit and raise our interest rate. When it comes to the US debt, howe...
One of the advantages of owning a new home is that it may have energy efficient features that won't be available on older homes. Simmons hosted a great event on June 9th for realtors that featured and explained the new energy efficient amenities being built into some new homes.  It is also very ...

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