seo: Property Specific Websites need a long-term goal - 01/05/11 12:37 PM
By now most real estate agents have at least one website, many have more than one; that coupled with all the other social networking tools and blogs we use, we are all pretty plugged into the cyber world.
Oddly enough I still see agents out there who are still relying on a sign in the yard and an add in the local paper.
But what about individual sites for your listings, some service providers offer that as a feature for you if you use their services. is one that for an additional fee you can use their site to build … (1 comments)

seo: My new website cost only 9.95 a year! - 05/06/09 12:22 PM
I just built and launched a new web site for less than $10.00 a year. I am working on some others now too. Bates County Real EstateThe trick is to get them up in the search engine rankings, but I'm pretty good at that. So why do I need yet another web site?
Links, referrals, and traffic. As I grow the popularity of this site I gain position on the Internet. As that sight gets more active it boosts the rating of the sites it links to.
One site can't do it all! My first site Turn-Key Properties LLC was supposed to … (4 comments)

seo: SEO promotions, key word offers and buying keywords... "Kansas City Real Estate" - 05/07/08 02:12 PM
I got an email today from some SEO promoter telling me I had no ranking under the search term "Kansas City Real Estate" Seems this guy Gabe figures I'm willing to pay for ranking by that term.
So the question is; am I willing to pay someone who sent me an email for his efforts to improve my SEO score with a particular keyword? NO! I've done a lot of reading, and put in hundreds of hours building keywords that are relevant to me. While I am involved in Kansas City Real Estate, I have focused on having keyword success in … (4 comments)

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