Selling your home and keeping it “show-ready” is difficult enough for most folks, but toss a few teenagers, a toddler or a baby into the mix, and it’s bound to send stress levels sky-rocketing. But have no fear, with the tips below you can tame the kid clutter and ease the process for the whole f...
Do you plan to list your house this spring? Now's a great time to fix odds and ends around the home. There are always a few things around the house that you can live with that buyers can't and WON'T! And that could make your house harder to sell. Find out what the 10 worst offenders are now! 10 T...
Clutter is not only an issue for homeowners it can become a big problem when owners become sellers when it comes time for them to move on. Here are 10 ways clutter may be keeping you from selling your home!1. Your closets look small and inefficient.If you have clutter in your closets, it is most ...
What is your front door saying to buyers? Could it be closing the door on your sale before your buyers even set foot in the home? Here's how to ensure that your front entry is propelling your home to sale!    Posted By: US Inspect Blog
It's time to rediscover your happy place! Chances are after the holidays came to a close and a new Year began, you were left with a bit of a mess! Now is a great time to bring a little Zen back into your home and reorganize your life after the close of 2015.So while you're still filled with holid...
 If you have little ones or some who will be visiting your home this holiday, it's important to be sure your home is safe. Here are some quick tips for a child proof holiday: 1. The sky's the limit!Literally. So try decorating up instead of down and across. The floor doesn't really need to be dec...
Is your home ready for sale and the inspection? We may have celebrated the "end of summer" on Labor Day Weekend, but warm weather should still stay with us for a bit longer (we hope!) And so, before it gets too chilly, here are five great things to do around the house while it's still warm enough...
The front door is the first impression buyers will get of your home. So, what is yours saying to potential buyers? Here are five things it should be saying. I am safe. The exterior-grade door is strong, sturdy and functions properly. It has a heavy-duty dead-bolt with a 1” throw bolt (never just ...
Some home buyers are looking for homes with pools, some are not - and some are still on the fence. But whatever the case may be, NO ONE will be visiting your property if the listing images of your pool are scaring them away. Here are six tips to make sure your pool is picture perfect for your rea...
We finally made it! Spring did arrive last month (though someone needs to inform mother nature!) But hey, we'll take it! The weather will follow suit soon enough so now's the time to get on track with our spring home maintenance. A little bit here and there spreads the work over the whole season....

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