salt lake city real estate: Salt Lake County Hot Spots for Listings - 07/18/11 11:48 AM
Timing can be vital to the success or failure of your home sale. Especially in today's market. In order to increase the chance of listing your home at the right time, I monitor many statistics. This helps me predict when homes in certain areas should be placed on the market. I hope viewing these number will help you see your window of opportunity before it has passed. Of course this is only a part of selling your home. I, and my team, have tried and true marketing strategies to further increase the chance that your home will sell. Check out the … (0 comments)

salt lake city real estate: June HotSpots to Sell a Home - 06/09/11 07:47 AM
What are home buyers saying right now? The same things they were saying back in 2004 and 2005 before the boom. They complain that the home inventory is low meaning there aren't enough choices for them. They also are noticing that all the good homes are getting multiple offers. I interpret this as a good indication that NOW is a prime time to sell your home. It is ESPECIALLY good timing for you if you live in a home that buyers want. You can be one of those 'good homes' that the buyers fight over. How can you know if buyers … (2 comments)

salt lake city real estate: Salt Lake City one of 10 BEST Cities for Investors - 06/03/11 12:07 PM
A study just completed has identified the top 10 real estate markets in the nation for investors. Salt Lake City is ranked 7th in the nation based on national statistics!

Find YOUR SLC investment properties here

The cities were evaluated on a number of factos. The factors that make Salt Lake City such an excellent location for investment properties are: SLC has a high affordability rate making it a great time to buy. The supply of foreclosures increases the chance of getting a great deal! SLC has a high population growth which translates into a high return on … (2 comments)

salt lake city real estate: Spring Harvest - 04/05/11 08:26 AM
As the weather warms up I've noticed a lot of talk about gardening and planting. In gardening you plant in the Spring and harvest in the Fall. It made me think, when is the harvest in real estate? Reviewing the statistics from past few years suggests that Spring is the time to harvest!
I've highlighted the spring months since 2008 so you can easily see the harvest!

There were a few tax-credit anomolies during these past few years which have skewed the sales for these years, but you can still see the success of the Spring months.
You can see, even without the tax credits, this pattern repeats itself. Here is a … (3 comments)

salt lake city real estate: Should You Sell This December? - 12/02/10 09:28 AM
Location is still the paramount law in real estate. Knowing when to sell your home requires careful examination of the local market in your neighborhood. As a local real estate professional I monitor which neighborhoods have high demand so you can be aware when the timing is right to sell your home.

We track where homes are sold, where homes are listed, and where buyers want to buy. With these statistics I have selected the top 5 areas for selling a home in December. If you live in one of these areas, now is the time to sell!

1. Salt … (1 comments)

salt lake city real estate: Today's Market versus Past Years - 05/26/10 08:01 AM
Viewing statistics is vital to predicting Real Estate trends.
I keep track of how many homes are being sold across the Wasatch Front to stay informed for my friends and clients. There are many other factors affecting the Real Estate industry, but this is a quick way to glimpse market changes. Homes prices are driven by how many homes are being sold. When there is a considerable increase in demand prices and values go up.
These graphs and statistics show how many homes have been sold each month for the past 3 years. You can clearly see the bottom of the … (0 comments)

salt lake city real estate: May's Hot Spots! - 05/04/10 11:08 AM
Summer is a great time to Buy/Sell a Home in Utah!
Knowing when and where to sell & purchase a home is vital to Real Estate success. The demand is highest in Utah’s Hot Spots! These locations are the zip codes and prices ranges that had the most demand and highest success last month. Economic improvement and recovery start in hot spots and then spread to other areas of the valley. These hot spots are the areas that will get top dollar for their home. Purchasing a home in one of these hot spots gives you a front row seat to … (0 comments)

salt lake city real estate: December Hot Spots! - 12/04/09 03:23 AM
Warm up the cold months by buying or selling a home in a Hot Spot!

These area codes and price ranges have had high demand in recent months. They have seen more homes sold while other areas have been slower to recover. Economic growth starts in Hot Spots and then spreads to other areas of the valley. Purchasing a home in a Hot Spot will give you a front row seat to economic recovery. If you live in a Hot Spot it is a good time to sell because the demand is high so you can sell your home … (0 comments)

salt lake city real estate: A Sign of the Rise - 10/08/09 03:52 AM
Even with the Nation Stabilizing Some Cities Demonstrate Above Average Growth
There are signs of real-estate market growth all over the nation. In most cities these signs of recovery are small, but the signs in some cities are significantly greater. One of the major indicators of a growing market is the number of building permits that have been procured. Business Week Identifies "America's Strongest Building Markets." The top three cities in the United States have actually seen more building permits this year than last year. Why are these cities starting to re-grow faster than others in the nation?
The city with the … (0 comments)

salt lake city real estate: Has the Housing Market Hit Bottom? What do the numbers say? - 10/05/09 10:04 AM
Last August I was predicting that January of 2009 would be the worst month for home sales that we have ever seen. It was.
People kept asking when the bottom was going to be, but it contintued to elude us, things kept going down. So where is the bottom for home sales? It looks like it was January of 2009. Looking back at the statistics for this year you can see that home sales bottomed out in January. There were even 2 months where Salt Lake experienced an increase in homes sold compared with the year before. If Salt Lake were … (2 comments)

salt lake city real estate: Top 5 Areas & Price Ranges to Sell a Home in Utah - 12/06/08 02:27 PM
Top 3 Areas & Price Ranges to Sell a home in Utah
You can sell your home for top dollar and within 45 days if you are in these areas.  You also have the opportunity to buy more house with less money if you are trading up into a bigger house.  Rates today were as low as 5%.  Sellers in these areas are prime to take advantage of making money in today's market.
1. Salt Lake City 84105 Zip Code $100k-$200k
List of Homes for Sale
 Home Sold History
2. Sandy 84094 Zip Code  $100k-$200k
List of Homes for Sale
Home Sold History
3. … (0 comments)

salt lake city real estate: Sales hit 8 year Slump locally....Hows the rest of the year look? Should I wait to buy? - 04/23/08 11:29 PM
Sales have hit an 8 year slump.  Now the big question has been, how does the rest of the year look.  People are asking...should I wait to buy.
 Lets take a look.
THE GREEN LINE is amount of new listings on market.
THE BLUE LINE is our average price.
THE RED LINE is the number of homes sold per quarter. (Graph made by Wasatch Front Regional MLS)
 As you can see Salt Lake has hit an all time low for sales.  The reason why this has happened is largely due to the loan credit crisis.  Loans have changed and many of our clients that … (2 comments)

salt lake city real estate: What your Realtor is for! - 04/03/08 05:56 AM
Daily I receive phone calls and numerous online inquiries regarding buying a home in Utah.  As I help people every now and than I will bump into a big surprise.  Someone is looking for homes, has all sorts of questions, and wants me to do all the work in finding them a home.  Now that isnt the surprise. The surprise is that when I ask if they have a Realtor they are using they say yes.  Why would they be calling me when they have a Realtor?  So I ask, and here are the answers that I get,
a.  My agent does … (5 comments)

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