aquinnah: Nude beaches in Aquinnah? Check out this picture! Woooo! Sassy! - 06/16/09 05:05 PM
Who knew that Martha's Vineyard had a seedy side to it?  Its called "Nude on the beach."  Look at this picture of a beach bum.  And I mean what a bum!  Martha's Vineyard has been well known for its upscale, hoity-toity elite, many of whom come from Boston, who descend upon Martha's for weddings, family gatherings, honey moons, and so on and so forth.  But whoever woulda thunk nude beaches??
As we did a little research on the Aquinnah destination on Viscape and this is what we found......
  Let it all hang loose Aquinnah, MA, USA The gorgeous Martha’s Vineyard … (0 comments)




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