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For you loan officers and realtors that have been in this business for a while, are you finding customers becoming less and less appreciative of what you do for them than in the past?  In this tough market and especially with the elimination of many programs, one would think that customers would ...
Us mortgage professionals go through this grind on a daily basis.  We spend at least an hour working with prospects on the phone to determine their needs, another couple of hours inputting their loan information, decisioning the loan, structuring the loan to fit their needs, only to call them bac...
I have had several comments and questions  in the past week from customers and/or prospects asking why rates are up above 6% and why their rate is higher now than it was when I did their loan several years ago or why, with our economy the way it is and why, with short-term rate cuts, are rates "s...
And, no, 80-20% combinations are not coming back, and no there will not be a 100% one loan on a 600 score 1 day out of bankruptcy, as one lender offered back in 2005. However, there is 100% financing one loan out there for one who can go full doc, most likely looking at a score above 600(this one...
I wanted to give you my opinion of John Slocum and Kathryn Alexander, a husband-wife team in Vancouver, WA. John works only with buyers and Kathryn only does listings, and I would have to say they are the most professional team of realtors that I have worked with. They have a very professional w...

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