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I have attended four open houses with top producing realtors in the past month, and a total of 4 people have showed up for these open houses.  The signage was more than adequate, the ads were put on Craig's list in addition to the RMLS, the price was reasonable, and that is the amount of traffic ...
I was speaking with a listing agent today who had asked me when documents were going out on a purchase.  Not to get into any detail here about how our process works or how the lending process works, once a Loan Officer has sent all conditions over and it is in Final Review, then that part is out ...
FHA CLARIFICATION: There has been some controversy on FHA loans regarding whether a property can be purchased within 90 days after the last transfer of title. There has been some verbage going around indiciating that the 90 day rule has been eliminated now. One of my realtors had pulled up some ...
It has become increasingly frustrating to those who are very tight in equity to try to get their loans redone if they do not want to pay closing costs.   Modification companies, which were rampant last year, began to become investigated more and more thoroughly due to their greediness(accepting u...
It gets so easy to get down and out in this business, when, in retrospect, I find so many Loan Officers and Real Estate Agents trying to do too many things at one time to help fill in their "cash flow" void.   The fact of the matter is, I have been there and done that and know what it is like to ...
Hello everyone.     After tacking on 1/2% post-Memorial Day, mortgage rates never quite recovered and sit near their highest levels of the year. Rates look poised to dip, however. The U.S. dollar is strengthening internationally, boosting the appeal of dollar-denominated securities. This includes...
Just a reminder about how the credit scoring works. In yesterday's world, just a couple of years ago, a 680 was guaranteed to get you the best rates out there on the conforming side. Now, with all of the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac changes, that bar has been raised to 740 unless you want to go FHA...
FHA 203k Streamline loans.  With winter approaching, more and more sellers buried in equity, doing an FHA 203k Streamline makes a lot of sense. In essence, it allows a buyer to put 3.5% down on the lesser of the acquisition cost of 110% of the appraised value. Many homes which needs repairs(up to...
Indiciations say that the rates will rise later this year as the government is not nearly as active as they were earlier in the year in buying the MBS(mortgae backed securities).  Home prices are not declining as rapidly as they were in the Portland, OR-Vancouver, WA area as earlier in the year. ...

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