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Why Open Houses can Make a Difference in the Sale of a Home It may be true that less than 5% of homes on the market are actually sold at open houses. However, open houses give potential buyers the chance to view your home in a relaxed atmosphere. Open houses increase the number of people you may ...
There have been five Swine Flu Deaths in Alaska thus far. The last occurrences took the lives of two women on the same day, September 24, 2009.  According to the Anchorage Daily News, both women had pre-existing medical conditions. The swine flue is a scary and deadly disease and it's something t...
Anchorage Foreclosure List Don't pay for a list of Foreclosures in Anchorage, Alaska. Many companies are offering paid services to people in order to provide them with a list of foreclosures all across the nation. What many consumers should know is that MOST Realtors will provide this type of inf...
The 2009 Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend is $1305.00 The Permanent Fund Dividend is a constitutionally set up fund that pays annual dividends to State of Alaska Residents. In order to qualify for the Permanent Fund Dividend, a person must live in Alaska for a full calendar year, January 1 to Decem...
Letter of Hardship Anchorage Real Estate A letter of harship is something that is submited to a mortgage lender outlining the reasons why a property owner  is unable to pay their mortgage. A hardhsip letter is usually used by a home owner in distress and is behind on their mortgage payment. Distr...
Anchorage Real Estate Market Update The Anchorage Real Estate Market has been heating up! The weather has definitely cooled down during this past week, no doubt about that, Anchorage Weather has been in the mid 30's for most of the past week.  Amidst the frigid cold weather, The Real Estate Marke...
The 2010 Census count will begin in a remote Alaskan Village called Noorvik. The U.S. Census Bureau Officials shared the news on Thursday, during a presentation. The Bureau is preparing for the months of counting heads. Not literally, but you get the idea.  The Census is conducted every 10 years....
Do you qualify for a short sale? In Anchorage, AK, we've been lucky.   We have not experienced the huge wave of foreclosures and short sales that many parts of the Lower 48 have. However, a term that has gotten much publicity as of lately has been "short sale." Although short sales are not anythi...
Short Sale Listings in Anchorage, Alaska.  JUST LISTED FOR ONLY $241,900...   Yes, this is a shortsale in which the list price is much lower than the market value of this home.  All Price Conscience real estate buyers should check this out.  The house has mostly new paint and a nice kitchen and d...
Mortgage interest rates from this morning, September 24, 2009. The 30 YEAR Conventional Fixed Loan is currently at 5.00% which is a sligh reduction from yesterday's rate. It looks like the 5/1 Libor ARM has come down to 4.125% Other interest rates that have come down from the prior day: FHA 5/1 H...

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