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Keys To Qualify For A Home Purchase Loan: What You Need In The Current Market This answer will vary slightly, but here are a few things that everyone will need to be able to qualify for a home purchase currently. This is a good starting point to gauge your ability to purchase now or you need to g...
How Your Credit Score Is Affected By Short Sales & Foreclosures Missing mortgage payments will hurt your credit score, that is a given. However, as the number of short sales and foreclosures has increased over the past few years, the question has been just how much missing payments on your mortga...
What Happens When The Home Buyer Tax Credit Ends? As we sit, the current homebuyer tax credit is now almost officially a thing of the past, as contracts must be signed by April 30, 2010 for first time and existing home buyers to take advantage of the tax credit. The question now becomes, what hap...
hat To Do If You Have An ARM Mortgage Right now there are mortgage borrowers with adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs) on which the rate has adjusted within recent years are currently enjoying extremely low interest rates.   This is a reflection of the unusually low levels of the rate indexes used by...
Home Affordable Foreclosures Alternative Program Begins This week, the Obama Administration launched its first program to offer a short sale, or a deed-in-lieu, to rescue homeowners from foreclosure, while forgiving the difference between the sale price and the amount owed on mortgages. The progr...

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