Everybody loves a motivational or inspirational quotes. It feels like it is even more prevalent in any sales environments than any other industry...especially in real estate. We adopt them as mantras. Decorate our desks with them. Share them with colleagues. These simple phrases can be enough to ...
It is always a nice gesture to get your clients something nice after closing. You do want those referrals afterall, right? But what do you get them? Should you give them something that reminds you of them? Fidget spinners? Gift cards?The answer is yes.  Here are a few ideas on closing gifts you c...
With a new year looming on the horizon, it might be a good idea to consider updating your personal branding. For example, if you have a photo of you on a phone wired to a wall...we would recommend taking a new photo to let people know you are "hip" with the in-crowd. Here are Some Tips You Can Us...
Do you know any agents that aren't always on the go? Me either. The mobile lifestyle seems to be the most time efficient way to manage your business. And with these 5 apps, you will be able to make aspects of your business much easier for you to handle. 1. 1passwordTo maintain the utmost security...
The holiday season is approaching and Halloween is the unofficial start. Check in with real estate leads this halloween with these 13 festive pop-by gift ideas. “Are you looking for a boo-tiful home this fall?” “Don’t be spooked by the real estate market...I am here to help!” “I am happy to carve...
CRM platforms change from provider to provider. The needs of a solo agent also are different than the needs of a team. When choosing a CRM for a small team, you will want to choose one that will allow all agents associated to combine your skills, manage relationships, and streamline the sale proc...
It’s the beginning of Q3 and you likely have a few leads left in your pipeline. Many buyers are likely caught up with summer plans and have not officially began their home search. Sellers know it’s a hot market, but they too are likely taking advantage of the summer months too. Don’t miss out on ...
  Zurple has countless free marketing materials for real estate agents in our Agent Success Center. For everything from listing presentation templates to marketing flyers, we’ve got you covered. Access our free database here: 
Are disposable shoe covers insulting? We say it depends on the situation. Make the following considerations below to see if medical shoe covers would be appropriate for your client's listing. It might be okay to require shoe covers if: It's raining, snowing, or muddy outside. The listing has bran...
This FREE lead-closing tool will help you accomplish the following with your seller leads: Identify the best course of action for unresponsive seller leads Show you how to move your seller leads from welcome email to open house Provide you with steps to prepare your sellers for open house success...

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