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Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should.  That was my advice almost 15 years ago to some one who had embellished their website with gyrating bullet points and flashing graphics making it look like the Las Vegas Strip.  Though cool looking and trendy, it made it impossible to ab...
Heal the Bay, an environmental group, issued it’s "Beach Report Card" that assigns grades of A to F to 517 beaches on the California coast based on measured bacteria levels from April 2007 to March 2008. 55 of Ventura County’s 56 beaches rated an A during the spring and summer months. Rincon Beac...
As of June 1st, Fannie Mae is changing it controversial policy of requiring an additional 5% down payment for home in designated as being in a "declining market".  Back in January, Fannie Mae changed its lending guidelines which had a major impact on Ventura County home sellers and buyers.  Ventu...
C.L.U.E. stands for the Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange which is a huge database used by the insurance industry to track claims homeowners file against their homeowner's insurance policies.  This information helps insurers avoid fraud and writing policies for people who make excessive cl...
  Art Organizations Bell Arts Factory432 N. Ventura Ave., Ventura(805) 643-1960Buenaventura Art Association700 E. Santa Clara St., Ventura(805) 648-1235Camarillo Art Center3150 E. Ponderosa Rd., Camarillo(805) 445-7061Camarillo Arts CouncilConstitution Park, Camarillo(805) 987-7847Focus on the Ma...
Mine is.  If my hard drive crashes, and they all do eventually, my data is safe.  If my house or office burns down, it's safe.  It hasn't always been that safe though.  Yeah, I did an occasional backup, but really, it was inconsistent.  And some files were just too big.  I have over 200 Gigabytes...
Last Satterdee I sailed' t' check ou' th' Ojai Pirate Faire. I canna b'lieve I`ve nerebeen before. What great fun! I felt a bit ou' o' place in me 21st century clothes. As ye can be seein', ‘t had an affect on me! I thougt I`d share wi' ye some o' th' photographs I took that day. Click on any of ...
I have trust issues.  My therapist and I have been working on them and I thought I had made progress.  But, as I sat listening to a presentation on the City of Oxnard's proposed half-percent sales tax increase, I had a relapse.  It happened last Thursday when seven top Oxnard officials came to th...
Why do some ads pop off the page and others go unnoticed? Most real estate agents don't have clue.  They waste thousands of dollars on marketing materials and advertising that are not living up to their potential.  Problem is, most of us don't have an eye for great graphic design.  And let's face...
Like all business people Ventura real estate agents are competitors. We compete for listings and we compete for buyers.  But the real estate business is unique in that, even though we may be competitors, we must also work in cooperation with each other to to get those sellers and buyers matched u...

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