It is something that we talk about often.Pride in ownership is a way of gaging the true  up keep of the home.So, what part is the most important part of showing Pride in ownership. Is it... The inside of the home is painted and decorated nice?The flooring has new carpet or nicely finished wood fl...
William Feela hits the nail on the head.  Yes, anyone can sell a lake property, but do hey know the lake and if not are they serving  you the way you need to be served.If you are looking to buy or sell, William Feela is your guy!Call him now! There is a lot more to know about lake properties than...
William Feela makes some great points.Pride is more than once in a while.It is a habit that you have and a feeling you get from job well done.You can try and hide it but if you don't have pride...the truth will pop out when it is least wanted. Pride in owner ship is more than just mowing the gras...
It can be maddening for us agents when buyers and or sellers do not do what they are instructed to do.William Feela shows us that clients need to do and trust us in our instructions.  If they don't trust the agent, find a new one, but remember, we don't just talk to hear ourselves. We looked at a...
Those who have lost someone in our armed services still understand the reason for this holiday.We, and the world, have commercialized all of our holiday'sWhile it is great to see people enjoying what h as been given to them, I wish more people still understood and respect those that gave us the f...
Stay off the ice with your motor vehicles!!!!The warm weather and rain is making the ice  weaker.Even just the sun beating on it  weakens the ice as the sun creeps higher in the sky.For those with ice houses on the lakes, I would advise thinking about getting them off.It is only going to get hard...
Bill Feela has brought to light a danger of not being pre-qualified when looking at homes.If you are serious  about buying a new home then you need to get your ducks in a row.All over the country this is happening.  don't lose out on the dream home because you didn't visit your loan officer! This...
Please everyone, join me at wishing Bill Feela a Happy Birthday.If you ask him his age he will tell you he is pushing 85.I happen to know that he has been pushing 85 for about 61 years.Junp over to one of his blogs and give him some well wishes. Happy Birthday Bill!!!! 
I am thinking back some years ago.Y2K.Remember that fiasco.?!The doomsayers were out in full force.For me, I could not have fathomed seeing 2017.Heck, I could not fathom seeing 2017 period!Life is marching along and seems to have hit double time.So to all my friends... HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Bill Feela has hit upon a very important subject for some home owners.The allure of a wood burning fireplace is  great.Even the thought of saving money with some kind of a wood burning stovedraws great attention.If you have not experience in these items, this is a very good blog to read. Your new...

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