I know that sometimes this may work, but William Feela has made some great points.While dad and uncle may be good, are they looking at some issues like they really should.I have heard parents say, "Oh that isn't a big deal".So, take a quick read and take it to heart. With the proper notification ...
Interesting that William Feela would put this blog out. I just went through this with some first time buyers.They found a home and fell in love from just seeing the outside.Myself and another agent met them at the house for our first meeting.They brought along the pre-approval letter as I request...
William Feela has some good advice about the market.He doesn't portray himself as no expert but just some common sense advicefor those in the market.   AS he sasy the market goes up and down and how well  you can handle itdictates a lot on how you invest.   Are you a nervous Nellie I  investing? ...
OK, PAY ATTENTION!!!!William Feela has  some information that could save our life or the lives of family and friends.If you have a wood burning fire place or stove you need to read this.Many people never do what is needed and then POOF...up in flames the home goes.But it could be even worse, PLEA...
Help me celebrate William Feela's Birthday.Although you may not see him today as he is down with the flu.I had the pleasure of working under Bill.He always had the agents back and went way above the call of a  Broker's duty.If you ever get the chance to work with him you will understand 
This is important enough to re-blog.Wiliam Feela has made some great points for being prepared when traveling.You never now when you may get stranded.People won't always stop for you either.And if you are on roads less traveled it is even more important.Read and take to heart! Many people still a...
William Feela has pointed out how easy it is to help.A great need of time is right now.Money is always appreciated, but time is priceless.If you can find it in your heart to give even a couple of hours it can make a big difference.Read his blog to find out how. There is still time to gie of your ...
I am not sure how many people got  Bill's humor on this one.If you look closely at the ball, the names are famous vikings... Ole Sven And Lars.I have seen many a joke about this 3 some, but Bill has come up with one of the best pranks.If his picture was only better. It was a great day. Vikings wo...
I was re-reading this blog by Bill.It  makes a lot of sense and I am thinking about ice fishing.Many houses on the lade are sealed fairly tight and if you don't go outside you  get no fresh air.Have a detector could save your life.Be smart and spend the $20. Early this week I heard of 2 hunters t...
I also see this every year.Bill makes some great points and sadly it isn't just Deer Hunting that we see this.Opening Fishing is another one.Actually it happens with most any sport or other venue.  People wait until the last minute.Sometime they need hotels and there is not a thing in 50 miles.Be...

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