humor: Ler's start the day with a smile. - 02/27/14 09:36 PM
I have been hearing about a new Movie about Noah.
Have not seen any of the trailers yet, but friends who have are not impressed.
But it did make me thing about this cartoon I saw a long time ago.
With all the complaining about the weather and such I thought a smile to start the day was in order.


humor: And another study tells us what we already know! - 02/08/14 01:12 AM

I just had to re-blog this one.   Bill has a great sense of humor that he usually equates with real life.
Humor is a way of easing our pain in life and is to short not to laugh at ourselves.
If you have never read Bill's blog, you will find some scattered humor in it.  But don't be fooled...when it comes time to get down to business there is no one better in my book.
It is hard to believe what studies have to report.
If two different views of an issue studied  it will be slanted to their interests. 

humor: Top 10 things that are GOOD about a Minnesota Winter. - 02/28/12 08:29 AM
In paying tribute to the winter storm coming my way, I thought I would share with you the GOOD things about a Minnesota winter.
Top 10 Good things about a Minnesota Winter...1) No Mosquito's2) You are so worried about your car not starting that youdon't have time to worry about anything else.3) All the sissies leave for Florida.4)If you carelessly leave meat in your car, it will freeze and stay fresh.5) It is not as bad as a Manitoba Winter.6) There is the thrill of downhill skiing or sliding down the hill in your car on an icy road out of … (13 comments)

humor: I am pushing Senior Citizen Status. - 02/04/12 01:44 AM
Depends on where you go and what you do.  A senior is either 55, or 62 or not until you are 65.  I took a free class on aging so i may be able to relate more to the 'OLDER' than myself population.
It was very infomrative.  I found out that I don't think I want to grow real old.
I think the best thing I got out of the class was the Senility Prayer.
Grant me the Senility to forget the people I never liked anyway.The good fortune to Run into the people that I do...andThe eye sight to tell … (17 comments)

humor: No Snow for Minnesota...Climate Change? - 01/11/12 07:31 AM
The warming of the earth is something that has happened over the eons.  We are possibly in one of those Eon times again.
Last year...It was cold and a lot of snow.  This year it has been warm with very very little of the white stuff.
Last year...this cartoon was right on the money...

This year...we would have to say Mr. Gore's idea's would be right on.
Which ever way you want to look at it...This year is a bit unusual for Minnesota!

humor: The Dangers from the loss of trees! - 01/03/12 09:31 AM
There re many reasons to keep healthy trees.  Many more reasons to plant more trees.
The benifits are enormous.

Absorbtion of CO2
Cooling shade
Wind Break
O2 production

But I think the most improtant reason is the following one...

And my wife used to complain about not enough Ladies stall in public restrooms!

humor: Hate Snow...Well laugh at this. - 11/26/11 04:39 AM
Most kids Love the snow.  That is the ones that don't have to shovel it.
My kids loved playing in the snow and catching the snow flakes on their tongues.
This cartoon my make you think other wise, or at least where you stand when doing this!

Have a great weekend everyone!

humor: Silly Monday! - 05/02/11 11:14 AM
I have been feeling on top of the world.  Met some new people and heard a few new jokes.  I loved this one...
Two cannibals met one day...
"You know, I just can't seam to get a tender missionary these days.  I have baked, roasted, and stewed.  I even tried to marinade them and at last ditch effort i even BBQ'd one."
"Where did you get them?" asked the second one.
"Down by the bend in the river where they always show up. They have a funny brown cloak with a rope around their waist and a funny ring around the top … (6 comments)

humor: The NFL Draft. - 05/01/11 08:16 AM
I am not a big football follower.  But, how can you not hear some right now with the impending strike and lockout to the NFL Draft.
I hear all the arm chair 25 centers tossing around their penny's worth and just laugh.  Why, because they disagree as mush with each other as they do with the team itself.
So for now I will watch and ignore as much as I can until the season rolls around...if it even happens.
For my Minnesota friends:
How do you keep a Viking out of your yard?
Put up Goal Posts!

humor: One person's delight is anothers Horror! - 08/03/10 08:57 AM
Unexpected things in life can be good or they can be bad.  When small children are around, this is amplified.  But, leave it to kids to see past what horrifies us. 
A lady was driving in town with her 3 small children.  She stopped at a stop light and to her Horror, the young lady in the convertible in front of her, stood up and turned around waiving.  She was stark naked!
The horror hit her because of the 3 kids in back, but before whe could distract them, the 5 year old spoke up...
"Hey Mom...Look, that lady isn't wearing … (8 comments)

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