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#9 Home Inspections are a wise investmentI always recommend a home inspection by a professional. A home inspection is an inexpensive way to gain peace of mind, and guard your pocket book. A proper home inspection will cover all areas of the house including foundation, electrical, heating, plumbin...
#8 Pay Attention to "red flags"When evaluating a home, be sure you know the difference between acceptable and unacceptable problems. Your Realtor will point out cosmetic items like peeling paint, worn carpeting or unattractive wallpaper can be easily remedied. Your Realtor can use these as negoti...
#7 Shop with your head, not your emotionsHome shopping is an emotional process. It is very easy to get caught up in the excitement of the moment. Many people fall in ‘love' with a home based on emotion only to find later that it does not have the functional aspects that they require. This could b...
#6 Use your Realtors' knowledge of the communityYour Realtor is trained in all aspects of Real Estate, including understanding supply and demand, economics and the neighborhoods of the city in which they practice. As they regularly view homes as they are placed on the market, they are at the hear...
#5 Location, Location, LocationIt's the oldest maxim in Real Estate, everybody chants it, and it's true. A home's value is not determined by the home alone, it is affected by the surrounding homes and the surrounding neighborhood. Don't let your emotions determine your purchase. Think resale. The...
#4 Communicate clearly with your RealtorSpending time with your Realtor will reap huge dividends. When you have a clear picture of the type of home you're looking for, your Realtor can come closer to finding the home you want. You won't waste time looking at homes that don't match your needs. As ...
The ongoing effort to increase affordable housing in the city took a step forward with the grand opening of the Crestwood Affordable Housing Development last week. The newly completed development in Millican-Ogden is a $13.2-million, 60-unit, four storey, multi-family housing development that wil...
More than 1,700 REALTORS® and real estate professionals attended the Calgary Real Estate Board's fifth annual forecast breakfast last week to hear newly appointed president Ed Jensen's outlook for the new year and an overview of the roller-coaster ride that was 2007. The 2007 commercial market wa...
#3 Choose your winning teamBuying a home is a complicated process, governed by contract law, with many people involved and many things that can go wrong. It is of Utmost importance to have the best possible team on your side. From choosing the right mortgage, to finding a home inspector, to viewi...
#2 Get pre-approved prior to shoppingI can't over emphasize the importanceof being pre-qualified. With the recent tightening up in the financial sector it has become more difficult to get mortgage financing. Blame the sub-prime lending market melt-down for that. It is of extreme importance to kno...

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