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Many inspectors do there own termite inspection, but I do not, nor likely will I ever. And for very good reason. In New York state, you must have an applicators license to dispense pesticides and install bait stations, so without the applicators license you cannot treat the home, and are therefor...
Ever notice that you never see a laundry chute from the first floor to the basement, or anywhere for that matter, in a newer home? Do you know why?  Have you had an inspector mentioning 'disable/seal off the laundry chute' to a client or in an inspection report? These time saving devices are a gr...
Since Hurricane Sandy here in NY many people have opted for standby generators for electricity when power goes down in their neighborhood. I often see serious hazards with these installation, and realize these are installed by homeowners or contractors that are not qualified. Generators release D...
Yet another home that I inspected on Long Island that was purchased as a flip to make money on, and of course it is sold as completely renovated. But it was not completely renovated.   Many homes in the late forties and early fifties had their service panel in a bedroom closet, and ungrounded wir...
Many homes I inspect on Long Island and in Queens - Brooklyn area are quite old, and as such have had repairs and additions over the many years these houses have existed. People add rooms, expand kitchens, install tile floors and other such improvements, but so often the workmanship appears amate...
When I inspect a home, I typically start from the outside and work to the inside, and once inside I work from the bottom to the top. This routine is followed by many in my business, but we all have own way to get the result we need for a thorough job. When a home has a tenant, I have been asked t...
When inspecting a home it is mandatory to remove the service panel cover to inspect wiring for poor installation practices, open holes in panel boxes, aluminum wiring, improper grounding and nuetral connections, and other things too numerous to mention. I often see what you are seeing in this pic...
I performed an inspection on City Island in Bronx NY last Sunday, and the client showed up 15 minutes after I arrived. Within 15 minutes I found enough to make most buyers run the other way, but this buyer was so in love with this house he did not hear me initially. The seller showed up before th...
I performed a home inspection in Huntington NY recently, and this home is built on a steep hill overlooking Cold Spring Harbor. The roof of this garage doubles as a deck/patio, and a second patio in front of this house is adjacent to this area, and provides a lot of area to view the surrounding b...
My termite guy, Jim Harrington from Harrintgton's Pest Control, does most of my woood destroying insect inspections when I do a home inspection. He's been in business for over 32 years, and he is essential when it comes to finding termites and other wood destroying insects such as carpenter ants ...

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