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 I did an inspection in Massapequa, NY the other day, and was on the roof and took this picture. The installer was not a qualified roofer, as evidenced from the shingles that were improperly installed on this part of the house. If you still don't see the issue, notice the shallow pitch (angle) o...
When you renovate a house without building permits, and you do the work yourself without proper experience, you get the house I inspected yesterday. I have never seen so many renovation issues with a house since I started my business. This inspection yesterday was for a house that originally was...
Lead-based paint can be found in any home built in 1978 or previous years. We are EPA certified for lead based paint inspection in Suffolk, as well as Nassau counties, and in the five boroughs. We are experinced in lead paint sampling, involving proper protocol, and use ELAP certified laboratorie...
I often go to homes that have had what appear to be complete renovations and are marketed as such. I see beautiful flyers on the new granite countertops indicating 'everything new' or 'completely renovated', but I do not believe it. When you do a complete renovation to a home, you are supposed to...
Floor joists under your floor were meant to support the load above. This load increases when people occupy the house. In some areas such as the bathroom, the amount of weight the floor must support is your body weight, and the weight of the other fixtures and various items, but what people do no...

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