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Many people store gasoline in improper containers in garages, as well as lawnmowers and other gasoline operated qequipment, but improper containers that cannot keep their contents when knocked over can cause a fire if a source of ignition is present. I inspected a house in Belle Terre, NY yesterd...
I have performed many repairs on various parts of houses for previous clients, as well as in my own home. My last blog centered around paint that people apply to their basement walls to avoid water infiltration issues. But this problem needs to be addressed from the exterior. A coat of paint will...
I performed an inspection of a house in Baldwin NY yesterday for some clients who wanted to move from Brooklyn to Long Island. I found the usual stuff such as miswired GFI's, sloppy old windows, and termite damage, but one thing that just didnt seem right was a fresh coat of paint on the basement...
I see many types of older and newer circuit breaker panels in peoples homes, and there are several brands that, when seen, should be replaced. But other less obvious panels also should be removed and replaced with modern panels, like the one I found yesterday. This particular panel in the photo h...
I see this in many houses and I just don't get it. Why on earth would you take a chance on having a fire by leaving a candle burning unattended? I work in many areas of New York, and of course I deal with many people from foreign countries, as well as those born in the US, and I always let these ...
Many people who do there own repairs in the home know what they are doing when it comes to basic maintenance, but when a water heater is installed, a qualified professional is needed. This water heater was recently installed by the husband (now deceased) of the seller in a house in Queens, NY. Th...
This is a title once pasted on me by a good friend in the real estate business, and although I am no Bob Vila (I actually DO the work I claim to have done), I thought it was funny and somewhat fitting. Being that I have not blogged regularly, and am trying to get back into it, I thought I would b...

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