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Recently I was looking at my link structure and was looking at the social media links.  I was suprised to have over 1000 from pinterest and only have 30-50 from Facebook and Twitter.  I was curious if other people see the same thing.  I personally do not use Pinterest so I am not sure of the popu...
Kolea at Waikoloa Beach Resort offers some of the only beachfront vacation rentals on the Big Island of Hawaii.  These multi million dollar vacation villas and homes offer nice interior finishes as well a beachfront beach club.All Kolea rentals come with access to the Hilton Waikoloa next door.  ...
It is amazing what you can do with WordPress templates these days.  Recently I had the opportunity to work on a web site for a new start up church.  I was able to find a template and get it going within a few hours.  Now it just needs some more good content and the church needs some more follower...
We just added a spectacular beachfront home to the vacation rental program.  This 6 bedrooms estate offers the most space of any vacation rental at Waikoloa Beach Resort and is great for anything from family gatherings to corporate retreats.The locaton of this home offers easy access to many amen...
Hualalai Vacation Rentals, a luxury vacation rental company in Hawaii, recently added a beautiful 3 bedroom ocean view villa rental at the Hainoa Villas at the famous Hualalai resort on the Big Island of Hawaii. Nestled on a bluff at Hualalai resort, this Hainoa villa boasts nice ocean views in a...
Hualalai regularly gets accredited as being one of the top vacation destinations in the world.  With the Four Seasons Hualalai as the cornerstone, not only is the resort known for luxury accomodations but also impecible service. While the Four Seasons Hualalai does offer hotel room accommodation...
I seldomly check on Yahoo to see how their search is doing, but I do occassionally.  I just recently noticed they are trying to incorporate Local listings into their search results has Google has been doing for years.  The few searches I did the local data all seemed to be bad information. Are yo...
After reading about it for several months, google finally launched its new look.  This new look will more than likely have greater effects than most expect. In previous years, google has shaded the AdWords space.  That shade has now gone and there is just a small line between the organic and paid...
Over the course of the past years Google has had several updates and they always have an annoucement related to them about the spam that will be cut down on, etc.  I have yet to see a significant change in anything when an update comes out. Recently I updated my description for my page www.waikol...
Recently our business expanded into the luxury home niche at Waikoloa Beach Resort on the Big Island of Hawaii.  As we started managing the homes I was trying to speculate occupancy rate, number of guests. average lead time on bookings, clientele, etc.   My belief was that most people would come ...

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