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Many of you use Craigslist to help generate more leads.  Craigslist classifieds gets tens of millions of hits each and every day. A tool that I started using lately is the Craigslist Toolbar provided by www.youCRAIG.com youCRAIG.com offers a free craigslist toolbar to help you easily access all t...
Learning all the steps to building a website can takes years, but one company is offering Real Estate Agents the ability to learn how to do it themselves. Agents can choose from hundreds of templates, then just add their own text, photos and videos.  There is no requirement for hosting because it...
Many agents get excited when they find just the perfect domain name for their next website. Finding one is easy if you know where to go and search. I just found some great ones still available at http://www.uSAVEdomains.com for Miami in just about 2 minutes. MiamiHomeAppraisal.comMiamiHomeForRent...
One thing many agents don't realize is that they can buy multiple website names which can help deliver traffic to them. Many agents buy multiple domain names, then create a simple website and point it to their main site that allows potential buyers to search the MLS. And building a website these ...
When it comes to creating a website or registering a domain name, many agents aren't really sure where to start. A site called http://www.uSAVEdomains.com helps beginners get up and running the same day. Same day!!?? Yes. You can buy a domain name and start creating your new website in about 15 m...
Many people create online classified ads to try to get extra clients, but many Agents know that there is a second benefit to placing classified ads! Many ads get indexed high on the search engine results. So creating an ad and using keywords that you think are prudent to your listing (i.e. chicag...
  Here are some homes that might make you think twice about taking these Listings! http://waldospost.com/rss.php?view=ads&catid=10&subcatid=0&cityid=2 Promote your listings on our free classifieds at WaldosPost.com
 First of all this is FREE and requires no Registration or having to remember a new password.For those agents who are upset at the fact that their local MLS only allows them to show 4-10 photos of their Listings, then try www.AddMorePhotos.com.You can upload up to 25 photos.Once uploaded, you wil...
 Not only do we offer realtors the ability to post their listings for free on WaldosPost.com, but we also have a section where you can promote your business.Creating small classified ads creates more webpages about yourself and the more pages you create, sites like Google, Yahoo and MSN will inde...
 Many agents play huge fees to be listed in their daily paper.But many agents either don't know or don't take advantage of placing free classified ads online.You can toute your listings, promote yourself and even link back to your website.Agents in Arizona have been consistantly promoting their l...

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