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Imagine the nightmare of having your home damaged or destroyed. Then, to make matters worse, imagine trying to recreate and remember all of the contents of your home for insurance and replacement purposes. Many thousands of Americans find themselves in that situation every year. If it happens to...
Lifestyle Coach Ingo Logé shares the ideal time by which you should be in bed - and why. This tip should help you feel refreshed so that you can accomplish what you need to get done and have a wonderful day. If you have any tips on how to get a better night's sleep please comment below or let me ...
We each have 4 personal resources enabling us to achieve things - but they're limited. Watch productivity guru Jason Womack explain what they are and how to maximize them for better efficiency. (www.WomackCompany.com) What are your limited resources and how do you focus your time, energy, focus, ...
Antoine Dodson is back in the news after the choir of Liberty University turned his speech after a home invasion into a few Christmas carols. Antoine has received over 51 million views on youtube of his "Bed Intruder Song." This video should certainly add to his growing popularity. He has certain...
Tricks of the Trade If you hate crowds and find yourself putting off purchases until the last possible minute, cyber-shopping is for you. Not only can you browse from the comfort of home, wearing your bathrobe and bunny slippers, you also have a selection that spans the globe. Here is an overvie...
The dinner table can be one of the best places to spend time together as a family. Watch as Casey Cunningham, wife, mother, and creator of Xinnix, shares a few simple yet fun ways to get your family communicating. Please let me know the other ways that you spend quality time with your family.
They’re Only a Click Away Purchasing a gift can be a stressful experience. Whether you’re buying for a closefriend or a mere acquaintance, the same questions arise. Will they like it? If the answer is yes, then it could be that they already own it! If you choose to go the safe route and buy a ca...
Usually when someone asks for a minute of your time, they really need more than just 60 seconds. Watch as productivity guru Jason Womack shares 2 ways to cut down the number of interruptions you get. (www.WomackCompany.com) How do you handle interruptions and distractions though out your day? I h...

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