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I had a great twenty mile commute yesterday that took one hour and fifteen minutes.  There was a wreck on I 35 that I heard about on the radio, I knew where it was located and how fast the traffic was moving and about how long it would take to get to my exit.  As I exited on Pearl street thing di...
Now a huge television fan; however last week watched a new sitcom called Worst Week, and I am here to tell you this is one of the funniest shows I have seen in a long time. The cast is a bunch of people you have never seen with the exception of the guy who plays the soon to be father in law,  I r...
I recently taught a mandatory continuing education course, and quickly realized why they call it mandatory. For the most part many attending knew if they sat there for 15 hours there would be not test and they would completed their education requirements now they pay their fees and they are good ...
I love teaching real estate coursed especially continuing education as I always learn something when I teach this class. Recently there was a student who did not live in the area, but had to come some distance to attend the class. This individual said that now when he works with a buyer he charge...
I taught a contracts class last week that had thirty five students.  I always ask the students to tell me about themselves, and why they are getting into real estate.  Many are retired and looking for a second career, many were working mothers whose children are now older and they are looking to ...
Had some personal business to take care of yesterday in down town Dallas.  Thought it would be a good idea to get there early avoids the long lines.  It took about 40 minutes to finish what needed to be done.  As we were leaving there was a directional sign pointing to the farmer market.  Since i...
The following is reprinted with permission from the author Craig Jarrell, Persident Pulaski Mortgage:  "In spite of today's turmoil, the market is performing and the system is still working. The bailout will be resolved. The FDIC did not spend a penny to transfer the assets of WAMU to Chase. The ...
Well today we went to city hall in downtown Dallas, as my wife's drivers license expired on September 2nd.  We were pleasantly surprised to find there were several vacant parking places, but then again it was 8:00 am.  We got in line and then found out that was the line to take a number for when ...
The latest copy of Texas Realtors® magazine has an excellent article by Randy Jeffers, Chairman of the Board for TAR.  The article is titled "Use it or lose it".  He poses the question "Is the Code of Ethics broken"  He then answers the question by saying the code itself is not broken but our use...
There have been several stories on TV and in the local newspaper about the 72 year old man who police now say he has admitted to vandalizing Hummer automobiles.  His actions were recorded by the vehicles motion activated cameras which clearly show him walking up to the car in nice shorts and a po...

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