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I would like to welcome Jessica Hill to Active Rain. Jessica works at our office and although she does not have the title she is in charge. Jessica is a hard working individual with great personal skills, and technology skills. I am not sure how much longer she will be around as she is close to g...
I recently discovered a new web site  which has links to other sites all contained in one convenient place. From this one site there are hundreds of places you can go.  They are categorized which makes it easy to find interesting places to visit.  Check it out and let me know w...
The central location of the Dallas Public Library has a book sale on the third weekend of each month.  The library is located downtown on the corner of Young and Ervay.  Books from all branch locations are sent to the central location for the sale.  Books are sold for 50 cents or you can fill a b...
Breakfast Sliders   An alternative to a traditional breakfast.   6 large eggs   Salt and pepper to taste   2 oz thinly sliced ham   2 oz thinly sliced turkey   2 slices American cheese singles   2 slices pepper jack cheese   4 soft rolls, approximately 2 inches by 2 ½ inches   Beat the eggs seaso...
I love creamed spinach but could never duplicate the restaurant like taste until I ran across this recipe.  2 10oz packages frozen chopped spinach, thawed  10 oz bottled Alfredo Sauce  6 oz cream cheese softened  ½ cup chopped onions  1 tablespoon melted butter  2 eggs  Pinch cayenne pepper  Salt...
This is another Cuban dish that I learned to cook for my Cuban friend Jose Perez.  Ropa Vieja means torn cloth, because of the way the meat is shredded.  4 pounds chuck or arm roast, well marbled Olive oil for browning Flour for dusting meat 1 green pepper chunked 1 onion sliced 5 cloves garlic c...
I would like to say congratulations to Charles McMillian who was recently sworn in as president of NAR.  Many of you in the DFW area know Charles because of his involvement on a local and state level.  It is a tough time in the real estate industry, and I wish Charles the best of luck this year.
If you are not a big fan of squash this recipe will turn you into one.  Comes from Good Eats restaurant family GOOD EATS BAKED SQUASH Ingredients: 1. Trim squash, wash and cut into 1/2 pieces, 3-4 slices. 2. Place in saucepan with 1-2 inches of water and steam 15-20 minutes. Squash should be tend...
My wife and I stopped by our favorite cigar shop yesterday after lunch.  For a cigar and some good conversation.  It was somewhat cloudy and damp.  As we were about to finish our smoke up came a heavy rain.  Not wishing to get out in the rain we decided we would have another cigar and perhaps the...
The old saying if you snooze you lose is very true. Yesterday I thought about buying the URL "DONTBLAMEMEIVOTEDFORMCCAIN"  Well today I go to with credit card in hand to make the purchase and the name is already been taken. My intend was to hold it and possibly put it up on ebay to se...

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