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Joel Osteen is the most positive, charismatic, uplifting, enthusiastic, genuine, kind, dynamic, personable, enlightening, spiritual, patient, witty, articulate, caring, loving, contagious person I have even met.   He tries to get people to think positive thoughts.  Here are ten things he reminds ...
Last weekend we made a road trip to the Houston area, which gave me the opportunity to visit one of my favorite cigars shops, Elite Cigars located at 24627 I 45 in The Woodlands.  What is so unique about Elite Cigars is that they are located in large gas stations.  You have access to some of the ...
I recently discovered the following in MLS under agent remarks:  THIS PROPERTY IS A SHORT SELL, SOLD AS-IS, COMMISSION SPLIT 50-50, LENDER DESIDES COMMISSION  I often wonder why some agents do not take more pride in the work they do.  Do you think the MLS software should have a spell check? Also ...
I just discovered a site where you can convert PDS, JPG, TIFF, AND BMP files to text.  It is a free service and you do not even provide your email address.  There are a few restrictions with regards to size of file and the number you can convert in an hour.  Give it a try you might find some use ...
A recent nationwide survey of 122,000 students showed the top ten party schools as follows: 10 University of California ad Santa Barbara  9  Florida State University  8 University of Wisconsin  7 University of Texas  6 West Virginia University  5 Ohio University  4 University of Georgia  3 Univer...
Hope you had the opportunity to see Paul McCartney on David Letterman's show last evening.  He looked and sounded great.  Surprised I did not remember him being so small.  He looked dwarfed standing next to Letterman.  He answered the soft ball questions; however did not reveal anything earth sha...
The federal government will be spending $4.7 billion dollars to help individuals weatherize their homes.  That is up from $227 million spent on the same program in 2008.  This is enough money to help weatherize one million homes. The program sends the money to the state level, which pushes it dow...
What cigar smoker does not enjoy going to their favorite shop have a great cigar, conversation and perhaps even an adult beverage.  My pet peeves or those individuals who try to hog all the conversation about their favorite whatever.  The best drink, the best smoke, the best restaurant, take your...
I have been teaching an evening contracts class this week, and one student asked if I could give them a list of tips that would possibly keep them out of trouble.  Here is what I came up with and if you have anything to add I would appreciate your comments.  1. Failure to review the title commitm...
It was announced today that Paul McCartney will perform at the new 1.15 billion dollar Cowboys Stadium on August 19th.  The new stadium was opened by George Strait, and then the Jonas Brothers performed a week or so later.  U2 is scheduled to perform there, and now this announcement.  Looks like ...

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