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Have you revisited your About Me Page lately.  I know that I haven't.  With changes in our economy I bet parts of your business have changed since you started your Blog.   This is a great reminder, video anyone?One of the most frequently visited pages after a site's landing page is the "About Me"...
Facebook Launches Easier Business Page Set-Up.  What Does this Mean to You? Yesterday I wrote about the benefits of having a Facebook Business Page for your business and outlined why it's a smart idea to use a business page instead of a personal profile to promote your business. Today Facebook un...
Facebook Business Page or Personal Profile - Which is Better? At our recent Redding CA Social Media Meet up we started a conversation about the risks of setting up a personal Facebook profile for a local business. The need to leverage the power of Facebook is no longer an option. Facebook has far...
This is a great blog post by Endre that points out an big issue in today's Real Estate Market.  We all want a deal, but a deal at someone else's expense is really not a deal.  Just saying!  We are ready to make an offer: How much did the Seller pay for this Property?Just recently I was asked by a...
Redding Social Media Meet and Greet at Need to Speed Redding' s 3rd Social Media Meet and Greet happens on Thursday January 27th. Businesses from all over Redding, Shasta and Tehema come together to talk Social Media. We'll talk about what working and what's not. Kate Bourland (tha'st me) will di...
How is California Debt Settlement Different Than Bankruptcy? Debt Settlement also know as  Debt restructuring is not Bankruptcy. With debt settlement you pay back your creditors by negotiating with them to accept less than the principal balance that they claim you owe. There are not public record...
California Debt Settlement - Can I Negotiate My Own Debt? You can absolutely settle your own credit card debt if you have the time, patience, knowledge and nerves to deal with your creditors. Doing so is not likely to save you more money than letting our professionals do it for you and will likel...
How is California Debt Settlement different than Credit Counseling? A common question that I get asked is how Debt Settlement in California is different from credit counseling. The answer is that Debt settlement is different from credit counseling in that Debt Settlement actually lowers the amou...
California Debt Help - Why Do Creditors Settle? If you are legitimately struggling and/or do not foresee being able to pay your debt in the near future, creditors would generally much rather settle than risk getting nothing or risk that you file bankruptcy. It is common practice for credit card c...
How to Write a Press Release Day 5 of 5 pulls all of the suggestions and ideas together.  I hope that you have found the re-blogging of this valuable information helpful!Now all that's left to do with your press release is to decide where you are going to submit it for all your intended clients t...

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