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Hi All, Let's face it, if we were all given our druthers, there is not a one of us that wouldn't love to always have the most beautiful listing on the block.  And sometimes we do, sometimes the baby is beautiful... but sometimes, sometimes that baby is butt ugly, then what do you do?  Well I don'...
Hi All, I just got back from Inman Connect in San Francisco (where I had a wonderful time and learned loads but that's another blog...) the defacto Real Estate Technology gathering spot.  When I arrived in sunny (and it really was sunny for the entire week I was there) San Fran, I thought I was a...
Hi All, Today has been an amazing day and if I ever wondered if I was truly the luckiest girl alive I think I found out conclusively this afternoon. I have been in San Francisco most of this week enjoying my second Inman Connect and even getting here was the result of tremendous good fortune! Zil...
Hi All, It's 8:36 AM, way to flippin early to be awake if you ask me, thank goodness for Starbucks, and here in Sunny SF you can't swing a dead shrew let alone a cat without hitting one.  Incidentally, I think I just figured out why pedestrians and drivers behave as they do here in the city - caf...
Hi All, As some of you may have noticed, I had been a little quiet of late... try about four months or so.  For one who had hitherto-fore been among the most prolific and long winded, for me to go silent was quite some feat.  I know you may not believe it but I was suffering from "Blogger's Block...
Twas the night before Inman and all through the house, not a creature was sleeping, not even my spouse.  The suitcases were standing right next to the door, and the clothes they were scattered all over the floor. The hotel reservations all had been made, and the credit card bills had even been pa...
Hi All, This one is a little long-winded, so grab some snacks, settle into a comfortable chair and let's go... I think I am safe in saying that I am RAPIDLY becoming something of an expert on the intricacies of the Short Sale.  I have now successfully handled Short Sale transactions from both sid...
Hi All, Everyone knows that Short Sales and Foreclosures are on the rise.  This is not news.  And everyone has heard about how predatory lending practices and option A.R.M.s are to blame.  While I am sure that these have indeed all been involved in this mess, that is not the whole story.  But, fe...
Hi All, I have been hiding something from everyone for a very long time and I finally feel secure enough (read that guilty) to come clean... to out myself... to confess... my dirty little secret... This is something I have not wanted ANYONE to know and, in fact, I think I have hidden it quite wel...

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