home: Using Kansas Veterans Home Loan Benefits - 01/19/14 02:01 AM
 Are you a veteran in Kansas with VA home loan benefits? Have you ever considered buying your own home in Kansas?   Are you aware of the benefits afforded you due to your service? Many that have served their country don’t know about the benefits due them. The VA home loan benefit is one of those.
The US Government created the VA home loan benefit in 1944 to assist service members returning home from war to be able to purchase homes. VA home loans in Kansas are mortgage loans issued by approved VA lenders such as Veterans United home loans and guaranteed by the … (1 comments)

home: Sweet HUD Home for Sale Wichita KS N Riverside - 03/19/13 08:08 AM

home: Great HUD Deal Near Pawnee Prairie Park-Wichita Kansas-Goddard Schools - 01/21/13 12:38 PM
This 2 story HUD home on the outskirts of Pawnee Prairie Park is priced right. Not your typical HUD this home is in good shape.
The house has 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, a finished basement, fireplace and much more. The backyard is fully fenced. Total sqaure footage is 1904 so plenty of room! You really gotta see this one!
Offered at 117,500. Contact me for more info and pics.

home: Realtor Wichita Kansas - 01/17/13 01:39 PM
Realtor Wichita Kansas-Joel Weihe, Home Search with Realty World Alliance in Wichita, Haysville, Goddard, Park City, Valley Center, Andover and the surrounding areas.
- Specializing in residential Home resale Realty World Wichita Kansas.
- Tour local luxury homes with views in Wichita Kansas.
- Realty World & I Helping dozen's of local families each year find homes.
- Realty World & I Specializing in relocation sellers & buyers in Wichita Kansas.
Realtor experienced and educated in real estate technology with Realty World Alliance. 
Realtor representing Sellers and Buyers all over Wichita Kansas and the surrounding area using the technological advantages … (3 comments)

home: 4 bedroom 3 Bath Home Close To Wichita Kansas - 01/06/13 09:23 AM
Small town living at it's best yet close enough to work in Wichita Kansas. Sedgwick Kansas is a friendly town not far from Wichita Kansas. A place where neighbors still sit on the front porch and wave to one another. A borrowed cup of sugar is just a few steps away. This place is like a Norman Rockwell painting.
There is lot's of space in this 4 bedroom 3166 square foot HUD home with finished basement! Built in 2006 this house includes a breakfast room with fireplace, open large kitchen, a formal dining room, a master suite with corner tub and  shower … (2 comments)

home: Aren't You Supposed To Sell Me A House? - 12/22/12 01:23 AM
“Aren’t you supposed to try and sell me a house” in Wichita Kansas? I had that question asked of me yesterday not for the first time.
My answer, as usual: No. I’m here to help you find the right home for you in Wichita and then to help you buy it!

The question came up in the basement of a house we were viewing that had bad walls. They were beginning to move inward. We get that on older homes quite a bit on the East side of town in Wichita where the soil is hard clay.  Bracing and fixing … (5 comments)

home: Get Pre Approved in Wichita Kansas - 12/13/12 11:03 PM
Getting pre approved by a lender or a bank before looking for a home in Wichita Kansas just makes sense. A pre approval from a mortgage lender takes the guesswork out of shopping for a house by letting you and your realtor know how much you qualify for.
Most sellers want proof that you can get a loan to buy their house before they’ll go into a contract with you. While working through a contract towards closing a home is off the market. If it turns out the buyer can’t get financing that’s wasted time and money for the seller when … (1 comments)

home: HUD's Good Neighbor next Door Program Wichita Kansas - 12/04/12 10:51 PM
HUD has what it calls the Good Neighbor Next Door program in Wichita Kansas and across the country.
The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is strengthening American communities through neighbor stabilization projects throughout the country. These programs are designed to revitalize our cities, promote home ownership and make neighborhoods safer.
One such program, the Good Neighbor Next Door program (GNND), is designed to fill distressed urban communities with role model like figures by offering half price houses to law enforcement officers, firefighters, emergency technicians (EMT) and K-12 teachers. People in these professions are given the opportunity to enter a … (1 comments)

home: Building Permit in Wichita Kansas - 12/02/12 10:22 AM
A building permit in Wichita Kansas is your formal permission from the city or county to start construction, demolition or renovation on your property, home or real estate.
To get a building permit in Wichita you go to the office of Central Inspection, or OCI. The office is located at City Hall, 455 N Main, on the 7th floor in Wichita Kansas. Call ahead with any questions at 316 2688-4648.
Before beginning any renovations or construction a member of the staff of the local government agency must review your plans to ensure compliance with the local zoning, bylaws and other applicable … (1 comments)

home: Home-Owner Rehabilitation Program Wichita Kansas - 11/28/12 01:46 PM
There is a home owner rehabilitation program in Wichita Kansas.
As the first time home buyer program can help spur home ownership for first time buyers in Wichita this is another program that helps out current homeowners to repair and rehabilitate their primary residence. Again it can be used by local Kansas communities outside the federal HOME entitlement communities of Kansas City, Johnson County, Topeka, Wichita and Lawrence.
State recipients can apply for program funds up to $300,000 for administering a homeowner rehabilitation project in their area. Grant funds pass through the State and assistance is provided to homeowners in the … (0 comments)

home: Fixing Squeaky Stairs Wichita Kansas - 11/22/12 10:15 PM
Squeaky stairs are annoying and can turn off potential buyers when your trying to sell your home in Wichita Kansas.
Often I notice homebuyers concerned when they walk down squeaky stairs. It must mean the house is about to fall down!
Fixing those squeaky stairs is cheap and easy. If you can get under the stairs, all the better.
Just so you know, the tread is the horizontal part you step on and the riser is the vertical under the tread holding it up.
First pick up an L bracket from your local hardware store. it should come with screws. … (4 comments)

home: I Want To Ride My Bicycle in Wichita Kansas - 11/20/12 10:08 PM
I want to ride my bicycle in Wichita Kansas!
Cities like San Francisco, Chicago and Portland OR here in the USA and Copenhagen, Paris and Amsterdam abroad are all well know for their bicycle friendliness.
Wichita kansas....not so much. Bicycle riding in Wichita Kansas is a do at your own risk, as with every where else I suppose, just here the risk is great.
 To get to a place in town with my bicycle in Wichita where there are bike paths I have to traverse miles of sidewalk with pedestrians that don't want me there and streets designed for cars that … (13 comments)

home: Completely Move In Ready 3 bedroom Home Wichita Kansas - 11/14/12 07:25 AM

home: Open House Today 11/11/2012 from 2-4pm - 11/11/12 12:26 AM

home: Own Your Own Home in Wichita Kansas! - 04/20/12 01:34 PM
Owning your own home in Wichita Kansas is a feeling that really can't be beat. Owning your own home means it is yours, really yours. Something to be proud of. If you feel like painting the walls, you can paint the walls! You can remodel if the fancy strikes you or change appliances or pretty much whatever you want. It's your house!
Having your own home makes you part of a community in Wichita. A place where you can raise your family. It gives you and your children security for the future.
Many people end up actually paying out less cash per  month on … (3 comments)

home: Maize Kansas New Home Incentive - 04/08/12 12:30 PM
Maize Kansas wants you!
More so the city of Maize Kansas wants you to buy a home in their community and is offering you tax incentives to do so. In fact the lowest property tax rate in the area for 10 years.
The program is a grant for new single family homes located within the city limits of Maize Kansas. To participate in the Maize Kansas new home incentive potential buyers .have to be in with a certificate of occupancy by December 31, 2012.
Homeowners in the program would get a grant equaling 100 percent of property tax for the … (0 comments)

home: 4 Bedroom Family Home For sale in Wichita Kansas - 04/08/12 12:15 AM

home: Being Friendly To Our Environment By Composting - 03/10/12 07:30 AM
It's easy to be friendly to our enviroment by composting. Instead of throwing your food waste in the trash or sending grass clippings and fallen leaves to the dump why not turn all that waste into something good. Something good like compost.
All that “trash” can be turned into rich, dark organic material that will be wonderful in your garden. Compost provides nutrients that will make your garden thrive. It saves time and money by reducing water and fertilizer needs.
Making compost is good for the environment by keeping that much trash out of the landfills.
Compost is easy to make. … (2 comments)

home: First Time Home Buyer Home 80 Program in Wichita Kansas - 11/08/11 03:44 PM
The first time home buyer Home 80 program in Wichita Kansas is a program to help first time home buyers with down payment and closing costs assistance. For homes that need a little work there is some help with rehabilitation expenses. The assistance for first time home buyers in Kansas is available within certain parts of Wichita.
The Home 80 program sponsored by Wichita helps first time home buyers with low to moderate incomes buy their first home. The first time home buyer assistance comes in the form of a no interest, deferred loan part of which is forgivable. Deferred … (2 comments)

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