prequalifying: To Buy A Home / Step One - 03/05/12 05:46 AM

To Buy A Home / Step One. To buy a home, step One and step two are fully interchangeable.You need two fiduciaries, two people to look after your interest, to protect and serve you. It matters not witch one you pick first! The first one should help you pick the second!
You’re going to need a real estate salesmen or broker, either may be referred to as "Agent."

The difference between a "Real Estate Salesman" and a "Real Estate Broker" is one of licensing. A "Real Estate Salesman" must work for a "Real Estate Broker" who is ultimately … (6 comments)

prequalifying: Client Selection Forgotten Professionalism - 06/04/09 09:32 AM
You've been networking, prospecting, advertising, and farming or you've purchased leads finally you've hooked one located a potential buyer! Yippee, wahoo, hip-hip hooray! Your family will get to eat again next month. Or will they?
If you're like most you check the parking lot to see what the mark prospective client arrived in. You then mentally computed how much he can spend and your share of the commissions, you've also subtracted your recurring bills and decided that you can now pick out that supper wiss-bang note book computer you've wanted! In fact you decided to shop Best-Buys on your way home. … (34 comments)

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