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From early spring to late fall, I am always aware of the colorful plantings that grace corners and roadsides, as well as the plant containers on sidewalks, in many of the towns in our area, and I wonder, who are the people who do this beautiful work? My question was answered just recently when I ...
"Building and living green is more than just screwing in an energy efficient light bulb or buying Energy STAR kitchen appliances," says Galina Kanevsky. "These things help, yes, of course, but there are many ways to achieve a more sustainable lifestyle in the home." Kanevsky should know about suc...
Has anyone else encountered the listing of a home that has been occupied by a hoarder? It presents definite problems in that, in my case at any rate, it involved estate sales where the owner had passed away before being able to deal with the problem.  That's when I had to get down to work and fin...
It is always surprising to me when I meet people who tell me that they have no interest in local politics or voting. Yet, statistics would prove that they are in the majority. In my own home town, for instance, slightly less than a third of all qualified voters actually turn out to cast their bal...
When I write for the consumer, as I do weekly in a chain of regional newspapers, I like distilling industry news that the reader can understand. And, sometimes I particularly like disagreeing with headlines that are scaring people about their investment in their homes. As my fellow professionals ...

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