Do you have a parent who lives in N Bellmore that needs to move to assisted living?  It's often a very difficult time when you need to deal with all of this (I'm starting to go through some challenges with my dad right now, so I get it). It's always hard to do the right thing, and to feel that it...
If you've recently inherited a house in Massapequa, NY, you may be looking to sell the property quickly.  This will help bring things to closure and allow you to settle the estate quickly.  There are times though when you just can't wait that long to get the house sold or preparing it for the mar...
Did you recently inherit a property in East Northport on Long Island?  Selling an inherited estate can often be tough due to all of the grief and emotions tied to your loved one, and it can be even harder if the house that you grew up on. Selling a house sooner rather than later is always helpful...
Hi, it's Dagmar from Dagmar's Home. I recently wrote a post about how I updated a bookshelf the lazy way - and people are loving this idea that saves so much time! Check it out! The Lazy Guide to Painting Furniture
If you recently inherited a house in Huntington NY, you may be looking to sell it quickly.  It often takes a long time to sell an inherited home, due to the legal probate process, the emotion involved, the work that needs to be done to the home to clean it and prepare it for the market, and of co...
Hi, it's Dagmar from Dagmar's Home.I regularly blog about affordable and DIY home decor, and here are a few posts I've written about St. Patrick's Day decor, DIY, crafts ideas, and yummy recipes. DIY St. Patrick’s Day Banner & Thrifty Shamrock DecorationsSt. Patrick’s Day Mantel and Seed Packet B...
If you recently inherited a house in Huntington, NY, but you may be contemplating your options with the house.  The main 3 options are live in it, rent it or sell it. More often that not, if there is more than 1 heir, many prefer to sell it, so that they can liquidate the asset and distribute it ...
As we all know, medical expenses have gone through the roof.  But, what's even worse is when you have a real serious illness that not only is scary and tough to get through, but you also have huge medical bills to pay. Often when you get rather sick, it's a triple whammy.  It takes a lot out of y...
Did you recently inherit a house in North Babylon on Long Island?  There may be many reasons why you need to or want to sell the home fast.  Sometimes, the reasons are emotional - many want closure, and the house can be an emotional part of the loss, especially if it was the house you grew up in....
Inheriting a house can be a challenge. While a house may be an asset, it can also be an emotional burden as it's a constant reminder of the loved one you lost.  Many people would like to sell the house as soon as they can for closure and of course to settle the probate process. There are times wh...

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