seller: I asked HER to dance, but HE said NO! - 06/15/14 12:25 AM
I asked HER to dance, but HE said NO!
It was the 70's and I was a young male that liked to dance. My favorite dance club was very popular and within easy walking distance from my small apartment. 
I was looking pretty good when I entered the club wearing a low buttoned shirt, tight fitting jeans, black thick heeled elevated shoes and a gold serpentine chain hanging from my neck.

You could tell by the way I used my walk, I was a woman's man.  

Having read the description of my attire, if visions of Saturday Night Fever … (56 comments)

seller: Richard Yates Real Estate - 08/23/13 08:12 AM
Richard Yates Real Estate 
Richard Yates Real Estate has served Orange County, California for over 25 years and offers experience, service and a total commitment to customer satisfaction.  
If you or someone you know requires the assistance of a Professional Real Estate Agent... Visit:

I'm more than a Realtor, but when you need one: Richard Yates Real Estate.  If you just want to Search For Homes, go ahead and contact me when your ready to start looking and learning. 
Like you, I play many roles in my life and wish to give you more insight about Richard "The Person".  These links and content serve as MY RESUME.  Check … (6 comments)

seller: Best Super Bowl Commercials for 2013 "Pre-Game" - 02/02/13 03:31 PM

Best Super Bowl Commercials for 2013 "Pre-Game"
Here are a few of the Best NEW 2013 Super Bowl Commercials that will be featured in The Biggest Football Game of the Year.
While millions of viewers will be keenly focused on the game, players and the action, millions of other viewers are watching for The Super Bowl Commercials that will typically cost millions of dollars for a 30-60 second ad.
Here are a few videos that are certain to be considered as The Best in Show for Super Bowl 2013.

After the game is … (22 comments)

seller: Mission Viejo Massage - 01/23/13 07:33 PM

Mission Viejo Massage
Having lived and worked in Mission Viejo for 25 years, I've supported many businesses within the city and readily recommend my favorites to clients and friends. 
In the case of finding a good place to get a relaxing and energizing massage, I've recently had a great experience at a new facility called elements therapeutic massage located at 27695 Santa Margarita Parkway in the Trabuco Hills Shopping Center situated only 2 doors away from one of my favorite coffee hangouts, Einstein Bros Bagels, which is across the street from Trabuco Hills High School.  

My impromptu massage resulted … (22 comments)

seller: Top Bloggers of ActiveRain as of 2013 - 01/14/13 03:46 PM

Top Bloggers of ActiveRain as of 2013
Recent revisions and the removal of ActiveRain Company Hosted Blogs from The Top Bloggers Leaderboard has resulted in the recent arrival of some extremely popular and supportive on site bloggers.

Debbie Gartner - The Flooring Girl, Jerry Newman - Real Estate Agent and Kathy Streib - Home Stager are representative of the variety of members that perfectly meld together as a group to form the ultimate Real Estate Agent and Affiliate Site.  This familiar trio of bloggers are frequently seen on ActiveRain as they continually teach, encourage and assist other members.  If you're … (14 comments)

seller: Terms and Conditions of Service - 12/23/12 03:39 PM
Terms and Conditions of Service
When we, our friends or family members send online greeting cards or videos created by various companies and websites we all expect the message to be delivered and received with no strings attached.
Unfortunately, the use of some programs which create an attractive greeting or animation often requires acceptance of Terms and Conditions of Service.  Within the lengthy fine print, our privacy and total control may be conveyed to a third party vendor.
What begins as a fun experience should be recognized as lead capture, access to our data and possibly the authorization for other companies … (6 comments)

seller: Door Knocking Gone Bad - 12/17/12 08:24 PM
          Door Knocking Gone Bad

One of the oldest forms of prospecting for Real Estate Home Sellers is going door to door.  
As an Experienced Real Estate Agent, Broker and Realtor, I've done my share of door knocking and have taken a few licks while doing it.  Many lessons have been learned at a stranger's front door. 
One thing that I've learn is that some agents volunteer too much information or may be guilty of overselling.  
It may be a Seller's Market, but that doesn't mean that everyone can sell a … (30 comments)

seller: Social Media For 55+ Elderly Older Mature Seniors - 12/12/12 04:04 PM
Social Media For 55+ Elderly Older Mature Seniors
As a qualifying senior, it's always fun to relate to others in my age group that are a bit hesitant to take on new technologies and advancements.
This video series takes a humorous look at some very familiar sites and how the 55+ Elderly Older Mature  Senior generation is learning to cope and adapt to social media.  Although not exactly learning how to fully use modern technology and practices, the elderly are certainly learning how to survive and thrive in a modern world.
How To Master Texting
How To Master Twitter How To Master … (28 comments)

seller: Google Adwords Keyword Tool For Bloggers - 10/30/12 11:49 AM
Google Adwords Keyword Tool For Bloggers
Who would have thought that WTF receives 1,830,000 Global Keyword Searches on Google each month?
That's pretty impressive for an abbreviation, however, the actual words What The Fxxk receives 55,600,000 searches per month.  Who are these millions of people and WTF? 
I've been pointing out that Halloween is an excellent Keyword because it receives 24,900,000 Global Searches per month, however, doesn't compare to Christmas at 45,500,000 monthly searches.  These happen to be the largest search totals for All Holidays.  Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day each receive just over 6,100,000 searches per month.
As a blogger … (58 comments)

seller: How To Create A Halloween Keyword Monster - 10/23/12 03:19 PM
How To Create A Halloween Keyword Monster
While many Bloggers avoid posts about Halloween like The Walking Dead waiting at the end of a dark alley, I embrace the holiday with open arms as I continue to build my very own Halloween Keyword Monster.
My Halloween Posts have currrently been viewed over 22,000 times with 11,000+ clicks and 583 Comments.  None of my posts have been in play for longer than a year and several for only a couple of weeks or just a few days. 
This Halloween Keyword Monster will continue to grow and eventually become a major Click … (23 comments)

seller: Halloween Haunt at Heritage Hill Videos - 10/22/12 06:03 PM
Halloween Haunt at Heritage Hill Videos
The Halloween Haunt at Heritage Hill in Lake Forest, California is over for 2012, but what an exciting night of terror, thrills and FUN for everyone that attended.
The 2012 event was the Fifth Annual Haunt with each year getting better.  Not only was the admission cheap at $5.00 per person, but there was food, drinks, sideshows, video games, Haunted School House with a maze, creatures of the night plus an Extreme DJ cranking out music while the dancing ghouls (girls) kept things lively, as lively as they could considering they looked like The Walking … (17 comments)

seller: Lake Mission Viejo Halloween Haunt - 10/19/12 05:31 PM
    Lake Mission Viejo Halloween Haunt

A very popular event at Lake Mission Viejo is taking place from 6:00 - 9:00pm on 10/19/12 and 10/20/12. 
Get ready for The Fright of Your Life!
The annual Lake Eerie Halloween Haunt will be featuring some scary visitors to entertain both young and old.  This video will show you what they look like during the day, but just wait until you meet them at night. 
Maybe you don't want to meet them, but if you're hanging out at Lake Mission Viejo on Friday or Saturday night, Watch Out!


seller: Halloween Haunt at Heritage Hill in Lake Forest - 10/18/12 11:36 PM
Halloween Haunt at Heritage Hill in Lake ForestWhat could be scarier than a Halloween Haunt at a Historical Park?
The Fifth Annual Halloween Haunt At Heritage Hill in Lake Forest, California promises to scare the pants off you and make you scream for fear of what may be waiting around the next dark corner.  Did that shadow just move?

It's o.k. to scream, the spirits won't mind.  They want you scream and love it when you scream.  After all, this attraction is for 12+ years old who think they're too grown up to be frightened by a few props, scary … (18 comments)

seller: Halloween Safety Tips For Kids - 10/06/12 04:43 PM
Halloween Safety Tips For Kids
Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year, but I've got to admit that the latest video released by Chipotle serves as a good reminder of some precautions to take on Fright Night.
This video is funny and enlightening.  Plus, you might even get a $2 Burrito, or as Chipotle calls it BOOrito. 

Halloween Safety Tips for Kids
Never Trick or Treat Alone
Wear comfortable shoes
Use an illumination stick or other lighting device
Walk don't run and watch out for steps
Stay on the sidewalks
Be careful when crossing the street
Never go into … (18 comments)

seller: Halloween, Home Staging and Real Estate - 10/04/12 11:10 PM
Halloween, Home Staging and Real Estate
In over 25 years as a licensed Real Estate Agent, I've never found a better example of perfectly blending the virtues of Halloween, Home Staging and Real Estate than the following video.  
This video takes advantage of a timely timeless topic like Halloween which receives over 24,900,000 Global Monthly Searches on Google, demonstrates a theatrical Before and After Home Staging Presentation and delivers some classic Real Estate dialogue with a humorous and entertaining flair. 
This is My Favorite Funny Real Estate Video regardless of seasonality.
With The Home Staging Talent Contest Challenge 1 … (28 comments)

seller: Home Staging Talent Contest Guidelines - 09/24/12 06:09 PM
Home Staging Talent Contest Guidelines
In preparation for The Home Staging Talent Contest beginning on 10/1/2012, here are some general guidelines.  This will allow participants an opportunity to improve their chances of becoming one of the three winners for each Challenge and possibly The Overall Winner. 
Guidelines and clarifications regarding The Contest
The Contest is open to everyone, whether or not you are a Home Stager.
                         The Challenges
The scenario for every Challenge is that a potential client has contacted the participant as one of several Home Stagers competing for an opportunity to stage a large number and … (30 comments)

seller: Home Staging Talent Contest - 08/30/12 10:30 AM

Home Staging Talent Contest
I'm very fond of and admire The Home Stagers of ActiveRain.  They are fun, funny, lively, entertaining, helpful, supportive, educational and extremely good at what they do, which is Stage Homes.  
To show my personal appreciation, I've decided to recognize Home Stagers and highlight their talent
by hosting and promoting The Home Staging Talent Contest.

Contest Highlights with more to come...

ANYONE can enter the contest, even if you're not a Professional Home Stager
There will be 5 challenges and 3 Winners for each challenge.  You must participate in at least 3 challenges to be eligible for … (47 comments)

seller: Home Beautification Projects: Patio Furniture - 08/30/12 12:14 AM

Home Beautification Projects: Patio Furniture
Many Professional Home Stagers share Before and After Photos which highlight significant improvements made by simply removing clutter, adding accents, rearranging or removing furniture and changing colors. 
When it comes to the great outdoors of every house,
there are also many things that we can do to embellish, freshen and add appeal to an otherwise drab space.
No matter how good NEW patio furniture looks, after a few years of exposure to the sun, extreme temperatures and weather conditions, NEW patio furniture will start looking old and worn out, but it doesn't have to.
Applying a fresh coat of paint will … (23 comments)

seller: White Wine, Red Wine and Real Estate - 07/17/12 03:01 PM

White Wine, Red Wine and Real Estate
Wine and Real Estate are closely connected.  The value and desirability of each is largely dependent upon the presentation, credibility of the presenter and our willingness to accept the belief that slight variances in appearance, location and certain unique qualities can justify large variances in pricing.
While white wines are typically best when consumed at a younger age and newer homes certainly sparkle, there's no guarantee that newness will deliver complete happiness.  We must still like what we drink and like where we live.  Only taste will determine the quality of flavor to our liking and … (63 comments)

seller: Memorial Day Memories - 05/26/12 11:30 AM
Memorial Day Memories
When reflecting upon past Memorial Days, I must admit my lack of recognition and heartfelt gratitude for our Military.  Like other memorable holidays, we tend to overlook and forget the true purpose of the day, while focusing upon the joy of having a day off work.

Why is this Memorial Day different than any other?
It's different because I'm different.  I no longer take things for granted, walk by without noticing or fail to appreciate and honor things deserving of recognition.  Let me say, "Thank You!" to all that have served America and sacrificed for Our … (16 comments)

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