Anyone who has lost track of time when using a computer knows the propensity to dream, the urge to make dreams come true and the tendency to miss lunch.    
    Here we go again, new requirements for appraisals    How does this affect you???  It may take the appraisers a little longer to complete the report as this is a change and there may be questions about how it is to be applied.  It may change the complexion of the loan by creating a higher risk...
    There's blind luck, crazy luck and then there's get up every morning at 5:30 and sweat the details luck.Few people actually stumble into wealth. It takes persistence, tenacity and a tireless work ethic. In the end, luck has little to do with success. It takes experience and hard work. Pure an...
        Warren Buffett has the best attitude and belief in a forward idealism.  He has been buying amid all the sharp declines in the market and still does not see anything that suggests another downturn is emerging, and he is a legendary investor.  Perhaps he has the theory that promoting negati...
  "How the Mortgage Acts & Practices" Rules Affect Real Estate Agents & Builders   The Mortgage Acts & Practices Rules are in effect as of August 19, 2011. When you run an ad, or even mention mortgage terms, you must not only comply with Reg Z rules, you must comply with these, too.   First of al...
  Home Valuation Code of Conduct: Now What? Frequently Asked Questions The way appraisals are ordered and transmitted to the client has changed! The way appraisers must determine value has changed! Listed below are the most frequently asked questions regarding appraisal-ordering procedures and wh...
        Be careful when listing a home, going thru the foreclosure process and is currently in a "redemption period". A redemption period is the time given to the property owners to come up with ALL of the money to pay off the balance of their mortgage, the attorney fees and any unpaid interest. ...

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