buyer agents: Housewarming Party - 10/18/14 10:53 PM
A few months ago, I helped a buyer get a sweet home, close to an ice cream stand, which I'd written about. 
She had a housewarming, and naturally, I showed up with a few tubs of the ice cream. It was a fun get-together, and all was going well, until I met "her friend".
This home was in Maryland, and my buyer was pretty convinced she'd be living in Virginia.  When I suggested the Maryland alternative, I'd think she only agreed to it because she figured that if she spent one afternoon there, that would be the end of it … (59 comments)

buyer agents: 2 buyers: J & T - 10/18/14 09:43 PM


In the past few weeks, I've had 2 different buyers find me.
Let me tell you about each, surely you'll see a pattern.  Each is a relocation, but that's not the key.
J is from Atlanta, and was being relocated to the greater Washington DC area.
He drove up for a weekend to see some homes with his agent (ie, the one prior to me).   The agent only had set up one home to show.  That didn't go so well.  A few weeks later, when J reached out to me, he insisted I … (4 comments)

buyer agents: Buyer Homework - 03/04/12 10:54 AM
It's nice to see how people interpret our behaviors, especially when it works the way I'd like it to.
I have a seller client who moved out of state after the sale.  I am still staying in touch with him, to ensure evey nip & tuck is complete.  Yesterday's phone call alerted me to a missing item from the title company, which I'll follow up on and ensure he's well taken care of.
When I inquired as to how the new home search was progressing, he said "Well, my agent gave me some homework, with a list of homes to drive … (0 comments)

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