auto insurance: What to do when you hit a Cadillac Escalade. - 05/07/10 12:22 AM
The day didn't start very well for Cynthia.  She didn't hear the alarm going off, the kids weren't up getting ready for school, and she had thirty minutes to get them all dressed, fed, and loaded into her Explorer.
Rushed is an understatement.
She swore that the light was yellow when she stepped on the gas to beat the red.  It felt like slow motion watching the driver's panicked face as the front of her Explorer crushed his white Cadillac Escalade like a beer can.  One witness said that the Escalade rolled twice, but it only looked that way.  It only … (66 comments)

auto insurance: Buying cheap wine and insurance. - 05/02/10 11:47 PM
I'm not really sure that there is a difference, you know.  Between cheap wine and better wine.  According to my wine drinking friends, there is a difference (My brother-in-law can tell you the differences, ad nauseum.)
I hear all kinds of reasons why expensive wine is better.  Aged better. Doesn't taste bitter. And on an on.
I think the point is that there is a reason you shouldn't always buy on price.
I just received an email sent to me by a very thorough insurance buyer, to which I responded at 5 a.m. in the morning.  He admitted that he really … (0 comments)

auto insurance: The Sunday Grump - Part II - 04/27/10 11:31 PM
In the infamous words of an old friend,Chris Hamler, the truth only hurts when it should.  The truth is that I did have some regret after writing The Sunday Grump a few days ago.  I don't regret writing it, I regret writing something that didn't have a happy ending.  A close friend pointed out to me that I ended that particular blog on a depressing note.  I don't like unhappy endings.
Now don't get me wrong.  Every story doesn't always have a happy ending - but every story should have a glimmer of hope in it.
So, the Sunday grump.  I wrote … (0 comments)

auto insurance: How to introduce your insurance agent. - 04/23/10 02:02 AM
I ran into a friend yesterday morning.  He was sitting with one of his business colleagues and I walked up to say hello.  "Hey, Todd," he said, and turned to his colleague and introduced me, "this is my insurance salesman."
I'm not sure I was comfortable with this introduction.  It didn't really rub me the wrong way, per se, but if I'm being honest, I felt the introduction beneath me (I know, pride issue.).  An insurance salesman.  I guess I've never thought of myself in this way before.  Yes, I do provide insurance products, and people buy them, but I prefer to think … (2 comments)

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