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You are looking at a wonderful home.  There is concert music being sent everywhere in the house.  How wonderful that the owners have wired the home for sound in every room.  Wait a minute.  Is that music disguising something?  Make sure that you do a bit of research before putting in an offer.  ...
THE SMELL OF PAINT AND VERATHANE Buyers and I were visiting a number of homes one afternoon last spring.  One home was empty and we were able to get in with very little advanced notice.  Well!!!  After the owner moved out, he or she painted the walls and refinished the floors.  This could have b...
All neighbourhoods can be locations for homes turned into Grow Ops and drug distribution.  To maintain the value of your current home (for now and future sale) and to make your area safe, it is important to know some of the signs and to phone the authorities if you have concerns.  Closing your e...
Look at current decorating magazines and you will see that the days of a filled cabinet of crystal glasses and serving plates is over.  Decorating has gone a little more minimalist, with displays of a few good things not a whole jammed armoir.  When Buyers are looking at a living and dining room...
How do REALTORS® and people selling privately determine the price of a property?  The key element is to research the market and find comparable properties.  Making comparisons is a blend of good research and market knowledge.  Some basic guidelines to finding comparable homes (both sold and curr...
Every buyer, looking at homes for sale, opens the closet doors.  Sometimes I wondered if home sellers understand that this will be done.  Not long ago, I was with my Buyer in a newer home.  When we opened the bedroom closet doors, there was the woman of the house's bras hanging on a hook.  Okay,...
You are looking for a home in Ottawa.  You look on the MLS®.   You visit Open Houses and you check the sites for people who sell their homes on their own.  Among the options are The For Sale By Owner (FSBO) homes.  You are want to know more about these homes: Pros: Maybe the Seller doesn't know ...
We are getting toward spring when, historically, the real estate market picks up.  Buyers and Sellers shake of the winter doldrums and decide to make a move.  If the market in Ottawa is going to repeat what happened last year then there will be a rush on sales.  Many houses could be  on the mark...
Almost every house that I have taken Buyers to see has had some type of lighting fixture in the diningroom.  Every Buyer has inspected the light fixture to determine how much they love it.  Knowing this, if your client is putting her house on the market,  there are three reasons for upgrading an...
A number of people who have posted a Meme have talked about how long they have been married.  It reminded me that my friend and I have both been married (to different guys) for 25 year.  When we celebrated her anniversary, I looked through my photos for something that would convey her love for h...

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