zingers: Are You Serious?!? Apparently, You Can't Negotiate at All! - 02/05/13 12:01 AM
Ron's post makes a good point.  Doctors should never operate on themselves.  Lawyers should not take their own cases to court and agents should not try to negotiate their own deals - especially when they cannot be objective.  
Many of you are aware that I am not a realtor.  And, I don’t ever delve into much that is real estate-related unless it is avian housing.
However, I got a call from an interested buyer for my land today.  He called me directly because my agent didn’t respond to his call in the literally three minutes he gave her to … (0 comments)

zingers: Movie Monday: My Top 10 Favorite Movies: Romance - 02/04/13 11:44 PM
i love knowing what Donna picks as her top movies.  The 14th is just a few days away and there is time to book a flic for that romantic evening in front of the TV.  I thing the Princess Bride is so cute....  who knows. 
Movie Monday: My Top 10 Favorite Movies: Romance
With Valentine's Day just around the corner, it seems appropriate to share my favorite romantic movies.  Some are a little on the silly side, some will really touch your heart.
There are some actor combinations that equal Box Office Romance. High on the list is Tom Hanks and … (0 comments)

zingers: Seniors Driving - Humour - 02/04/13 10:11 PM
My neighbor was working in his yard.  He was startled by a late model car that came crashing through his hedge and ended up in his front lawn.
He rushed to help an elderly lady driver out of the car and sat her down on a lawn chair.  He said with excitement, “You appear quite elderly to be driving."
"Well, yes, I am." she replied proudly.  "I'll be 97 next month, and I am now old enough that I don't even need a driver's license anymore.  The last time I went to my doctor, he examined me and asked if I had a … (15 comments)

zingers: What Does TripAdvisor Do So Well? It appreciates the Contributors - 02/03/13 03:12 AM
A long time ago, I contributed some reviews for TripAdvisor.  I use this site extensively and always appreciate the reviews that people have written - some are informative, some vey opinionated and some downright mean.  Still, this December, I decided to give back and discovered that TripAdvisor now sends me information via email about my reviews, encourages me, thanks me with little notes, awards me with little icons (sound familiar?) and generally makes me think that the time and effort I took makes a difference.  Last week I received the following report.  Notice....  4 more reviews and I get a Contributor … (11 comments)

zingers: I love to wear purple. I declare Sunday "Purple Day" - 02/01/13 10:07 PM

Okay.  Here is all I know about the football game tomorrow. 
One team will be wearing purple - Baltimore One team will be wearing red - San Francisco One team is called the Ravens after Edgar Allen Poe. One team is called the 49er because of the arrival of gold prospectors. My husband bought two shirts, one for each team, so I picked the colour I like. The coaches are brothers.  Their dad said he would hug the loser first.  (Way to go dad!!) Who said I wasn’t listening to my husband when he was going on and on about … (39 comments)

zingers: When Something Smells Fishy - Freeze the Waste - 02/01/13 09:23 PM
This is a trick that I learned at my friend's cottage.  Freeze animal waste until garbage day.  Start a bag in the freezer and load in the fish skin, chicken skin and bones, shrimp, etc.  You know the stuff I mean.  The stuff that starts to reek after two days in the garbage in the kitchen and then becomes a beacon of odour for raccoons and squirrels and other beasts when you put it outside. 
Ottawa has moved to a two week pick-up on regular waste.  Two weeks of shrimp in the garage is not going to be pleasant once the … (33 comments)

zingers: Yikes. Enough to make me take down my Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn - 01/31/13 10:07 PM
I wanted to embed a youtube video about a "mindreader" but my new system has me stumped.  Here is the link to a very revealing video about how much information people put out there on their social networks.  I hope you watch with amusement and then amazement and then....  a quick run to your sites to take some information down.  

zingers: Garage Doors at the Bottom of the Driveway - 01/30/13 10:48 PM

It rained and melted snow yesterday and we are getting more of that today.  If your garage door is at the bottom of a decline and a) the drain is iced over or b) there is no drain, then it is time to check the door.
If you see a big pool of water accumulating then try to open the door just a crack.  The weather forecast is for freezing temperatures in the next couple of days and that pool of water is going to ice over.  Now, is your car in the garage?  Any plans to go somewhere … (23 comments)

zingers: Barbed Wire Prison for (Jail) Birds - 01/29/13 11:28 PM
I was watching House Hunters on TV last night and the Buyer had a huge problem with chain link fence.  She said that she could picture barbed wire on the top of the fence and she would always feel like her yard is a prison.  The show made me think of a photo I took in Zurich.  We climbed a hilly part to a church overlooking the river and rooftops.  I gather there must be some Bourne Identity action on the rooftops as the neighbouring house had a number of bird houses with the roof surrounded by barbed wire.  Makes you … (13 comments)

zingers: Trying to Find the Right Way to Crop A Photo - 01/29/13 03:37 AM
I took this photo of a swan that was swimming past the cruise boat on the Rhine in December.  What I want to show are the feet paddling in the water and the shadow.  However, when I look at the photo now, it seems so top heavy because the swan feathers are so white.  Still, this is a photo I would be happy to frame and hang in a bathroom.  You know, downy soft.  LOL  

zingers: The same shirt size for all? No and neither for a home. - 01/28/13 04:37 AM
I bought my husband a shirt yesterday that I was sure would fit.  Now, I am not one of those women who buy their husband's clothes but this shirt just seemed like a perfect little gift to make his day and say thank you for all he does.  It was a Chaps and, usually, a Chaps shirt will fit because the company seem to make the sleeves longer and longer bodies.  Not so much this time.  I was back at the store today trying to find a replacement gift. 
This made me think - you want a three bedroom house but … (20 comments)

zingers: Quartet - Makes You Think Of How You Want to Live - 01/26/13 11:51 PM
I went to see the movie, Quartet, yesterday.  Of course I loved each and every British actor and had nothing but admiration for Dustin Hoffman's directing.  Rotten Tomato reviews were very good.  Now, although I am not young, I might have been in the youngest 10% of the people at the movie.  It certainly struck a note (okay, pun because it is about seniors in a home for retired musicians and singers) for most of the audience.  I highly recommend the movie just for the viewing.  It will be an hour and a half of escapism that you will not regret.  Skip … (15 comments)

zingers: Getting Even - Humour - 01/25/13 10:29 PM
An old man and woman were married for many years. Whenever there was a 
confrontation, yelling could be heard deep into the night. The old man would
 shout, "When I die, I will dig my way up and out of the grave and come back
and haunt you for the rest of your life!"

Neighbours feared him. The old man liked the fact that he was feared
Eventually he died of a heart attack when he was 98. His wife had
 a closed casket at the funeral. After the burial, her neighbours, concerned 
for her safety, asked "Aren't you afraid that he … (35 comments)

zingers: I Declare My Love For James and Jason and Anthony - 01/22/13 08:08 PM
These are the new men in my life.  No, I haven't met them and, in fact, I have only talked with two of them.  These men have been my agents from the Best Buy Ultimate Protection Plan.  I knew I was going to need help moving from a Windows platform to Apple iso.  I also knew the software was not going to be the same.  While getting the computer at the store I started to long for a teen age nerdy son who would live in my house, eat little, clean his room and give me help whenever I needed it. … (22 comments)

zingers: The MLS Photo Surprise - The Child in the Bed!!!!!! - 01/20/13 10:25 PM
While I may not be actively selling real estate, I am actively looking at listings on line.  Some people love to look for furnishing ideas.  I love to look to see how far my dollar will go in a couple of locations in Canada - Vancouver Island and the Banana Belt in Ontario.  So, without identifying where a photo was taken, I saw a set of photos for one beautiful home. Almost all of the photos were so well done.  A very good camera and someone with 'the eye' had taken the photos - except one.  That one was a bit … (57 comments)

zingers: Requiem for My Toshiba - 01/19/13 05:28 AM
On Thursday, my trusted and much loved Toshiba laptop gave me serious error messages then shut itself down - several times.  I called the Geek Squad at Best Buy and today Austin gave the machine the death sentence.  I am now on safe mode.  As Austin the Geek described it, it is like running your car on the doughnut tire until you get a new tire.  Not long and not totally safe.  
Here I am on the ipad trying to decide what to buy.  I am tilting to an apple imac desktop knowing that there is going to be a huge … (12 comments)

zingers: Don't eat the wild mushroom sauté. Humour - 01/18/13 08:17 PM
  In a dark and hazy room, peering into a crystal ball, the Mystic delivered grave news:

"There's no easy way to tell you this, so I'll just be blunt. Prepare yourself to be a widow. Your husband will die a violent and horrible death this year."
Visibly shaken, Laura stared at the woman's lined face, then at the single flickering candle, then down at her hands.
She took a few deep breaths to compose herself and to stop her mind racing.
She simply had to know.
She met the Fortune Teller's gaze, steadied her voice and asked .......

"Will I be … (19 comments)

zingers: Giving My Opinion - Rent or Buy - 01/18/13 03:32 AM
I received an email asking me for help in deciding to rent or buy.  I suggested that we meet for coffee and have a discussion.  There is no obvious answer.  What are the considerations?
This is a retired couple.  I know that money isn't going to be the only issue.  Are they planning to live in the new place for longer than a couple of years? Do they have kids and want to preserve the capital? Do they want to vacation in tropical areas for several months every year? Do they want to take care of a house and yard?  Maybe … (6 comments)

zingers: MLS Photos That Are Just Wrong - 01/17/13 07:41 PM
Lately I have noticed a disturbing trend in exterior photos.  It is the patio table with all the chairs tipped into the table.  Yes, I know it is winter and no one is sitting outside enjoying those cold afternoons but those photos make the place look bleak and cold and abandoned.  
Now, I wish I could 'borrow' a few of these photos to show you but this would be wrong (darn it).  Why is it wrong to leave the patio in winter storage mode?   Who cares how cold it is outside, if the sun is shining and there are … (58 comments)

zingers: Advice from My Smartie-Ass Brother - Finding My Time Zone - 01/14/13 10:25 PM

I have to say that there is very little sibling rivalry in my family.  I happily take advice from my younger brother and resist like the dickens anything coming from my older brother (just to bug him) but still listen eventually.  What is a sister supposed to do?
Today, I received an auto email from the younger brother's Employee Engagement mailings.  The topic was finding your time zone.    He said: 
“What is your time zone? How long can you stay engaged with a task? How long can you stay engaged in a meeting? How often do you go over that … (21 comments)

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