What are Your Thoughts About "By Referral Only" (Joe Stumpf)?

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I really don't know how I got on the mailing list for this program, but I watched the 2 and a half hour video last night and am wondering if I should make the investment to buy the 17 CD program.  I did some looking around and there's another program (the name of it slips my mind right now but apparently the guy that developed the other program started with By Referral Only) that has been posted about multiple times here in the rain..It doesn't seem like there's been as much emphasis on the By Referral Only Program.

I'd like to ask those of you who have actually used the program, if you think it works?  What is so special about this program that I can't figure out on my own?  Of course, just as with any of these "special offers" they are vague about what you get other than 17 CDs.  Can you give me some insight as to what exactly you are getting content-wise? 

Any input you have would be greatly appreciated.  I am only asking about "By Referral Only" at this point...I have a feeling this conversation could digress into other programs, but I'd like to keep it to this one for now...

Do you think it's worth it?  If so, why?


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Bob Willis
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties - Whittier, CA
Orange County & L.A. County Real Estate Agent


I am not a member of By Referral Only - not yet, anyway.  I purchased the CDs in the spring, and went through the entire Jump Start program that Curt mentions above.  The Jump Start program alone is worth the $199. 

You really have to be dedicated to following what Joe Stumpf and Dean Jackson tell you in all of the training.  I have been setting up my own systems, based upon By Referral Only, but without the monthly fee.  The downside of setting up your own systems to mimic what BRO provides as part of the monthly fee is how long it takes to set everything up.  If you join, you will have a turnkey system in place.

Yes, I will eventually join BRO, but I need to get my sales numbers up in order to justify the monthly cost.  I am looking forward to:

  • 800 number that comes with membership (I have my own already, but only 5 extensions.  BRO has up to 100).
  • Contact management system
  • Monthly written newsletters
  • Postcard verbiage (many, many versions, depending on your target market)
  • Magic Words (dialogues for nearly any circumstance you may encounter)

You actually need an 800 number, with multiple extensions to implement the systems.  You can get an 800 number from a number of companies (I use RingCentral currently), or you can get it from BRO. 

I send out a monthly newsletter that I write myself.  I am looking forward to being able to use content from BRO after I join.

So, YES!  I highly recommend the CDs.  They are well worth it.  But, you must be committed to dedicate the time for one month to go through the Jump Start program, and finish it within 30 days.  If you can't make that committment, then don't purchase the CDs until you can.

Nov 28, 2009 03:58 PM #19
Nyssa Smith
Keller Williams Advantage Realty - State College, PA
REALTOR, State College Area Real Estate

Hey Chanda!  I don't know how I missed this post back in October!  But it sure caught my attention now!  I love By Referral Only and Joe Stumpf!  You asked for thoughts and those are my thoughts!  I am sorry to hear some of the above didn't give you much to go on.  But the latter ones who are actual members gave you great advice!

I've been in the real estate biz for 14 years now.  I had heard about B.R.O. from the get-go from a colleague of mine who had joined.  But how could I join? (I thought to myself)  I just started in the biz and couldn't afford any kind of coaching program.  She had at least been in real estate for a few years.  So I did not join when I first started real estate.  But I watched her as she grew her business and knew I wanted to model my business in that way.  I didn't actually join By Referral Only until just about 3 years ago.  I am so happy I did that and will never look back!

As someone above said (I believe it was Mark), you can't afford not to!  How true that is!  I wished I would have joined sooner!  I think back at all those years and what I missed out on.  And then I look at now and realize how much I've grown since I joined!  I was foolish to have not joined sooner!  I let fear get in the way unfortunately.

You see, Chanda, I couldn't help but to post. My first immediate reaction to some of the above posts was Ooooo Noooo! Those people above don't even know! Some of those posts just about broke my heart! Like when you see a kid just about to run out into the street after his ball and you see a car coming. Without even thinking, the immediate reaction is to just run after that kid and grab his hand to keep him from running out into that street! To pull him back to safety! But I don't want to do that to you.  I don't want to try to make you join BRO.  You see, here's just a little tiny piece of my story.

I am so proud of the fact that I went from a person who thought she was not a morning person.  And now after going through Joe's Power Productivity (which is part of what you pay for when you're a member), I now AM a morning person!  I love it!  I pinch myself everyday to see if this is real.  You see, I could not have done it without Joe, without Power Productivity, without my Do Group (which are some other BRO members), without the support of many members like some of the ones above and many many many other members!!!

In all actuality, Chanda, I feel I don't pay enough for my membership. I am grateful everyday it's not more!  It's nice that it is affordable.  But I really feel it's worth waaaayyy more! I know that might sound crazy to some people!  But I would pay Joe way more for this membership!  And he knows that.  That's how strongly I feel about this amazing amazing community and wouldn't give it up for anything!

I'm not going to tell you to join By Referral Only.  You already know I want you to do that. But what I will tell you to do is to think about all that Joe and the BRO community have to offer.  And to see if it adds value to you and to your life and to the lives of those you touch.

I'm happy to talk more about it with you if you'd like so you can make an intelligent decision.

Your ActiveRain friend,


Dec 04, 2009 11:57 AM #20
Chanda Barrick
Keller Williams Indy Metro Northeast - Indianapolis, IN
in referral

Thanks to all of you for providing additional info.  Hopefully it will benefit those thinking about ordering the main event or actually joining the service.  I can't realistically spend 200/month on the service right now, but for those that can, I hope they get all the added benefits.

Chanda panda

Dec 10, 2009 08:38 AM #21
Song San
Coldwell Banker Dynasty - Rosemead, CA
Broker, MBA

 I went to one of Joe's 3 hour seminar yesterday. He got some great information. His $199 package seems like a great deal. I was more interestered on his web tools, but when I found out it cost a few hundred dollars per month, I decide to look at the other programs.

Aug 17, 2010 12:07 PM #22
Chanda Barrick
Keller Williams Indy Metro Northeast - Indianapolis, IN
in referral

Thanks for your take on things.  It is costly to be a part of most of these programs.  I just don't have that kind of money...Although I know they all tell you that if you don't spend the money for their program you'll never make it...Rush right out and use your credit card to pay us every month...I'm just not that kind of person...I don't use credit cards unless I can pay the balance in full at the end of the month...

Aug 18, 2010 04:58 PM #23
Stefan West
West Realty - Murrieta, CA
Temecula-Murrieta-Menifee CA Real Estate

Thanks for putting up this blog. It allowed me to review more information about this program and I am weighing it myself.  I have a lot of business right now but I really want to feel more organized and I KNOW I am leaving business on the table.  I will continue to read up on this.

Nov 10, 2010 10:27 AM #24
Jeffrey Lee

I have been a BRO member for almost 2 months.  We have a business to run and BRO can certainly help in that regard with its turnkey systems.  I always hated the task of writing and putting my monthly newsletter together along with other marketing systems.  It usually took me about 6 to 8 hours to researh and write my own newsletters.  I pay $199 monthly for BRO including the turnkey monthly newsletter.  Dollar averaging my hourly wage, I was saving $25 to $33 per hour.  I know I earn way more than that.

But one thing that the posts above did not mentioned is BRO has helped me with my mental state as well.  It's system help me organized and plan works and tasks around MY schedule.  I have not consistently had a day off during the week in my 7 years and I have had 5 Wednesdays off already.  I feel more relax, energized, and more passionate about my real estate and mortgage business than ever before.

I hope this sharing of my short experience with BRO will help you.  Oh yes, BRO also has a database management system that I found much more relevant for real estate and loan agents than ACT!, Goldmine, and Outlook.

Nov 11, 2010 11:24 PM #25
John Poulsen
Keller Williams Realty - New Haven, CT

I am looking close between BRO and Brian Buffini, but leaning towards BRO right now.

Jan 12, 2011 07:49 PM #26

I purchased 30 day jumpstart programme last month.For me there was lot of new info and I am using it only online yet(free) and i am getting 3-4 leads everyday.All of them are not going through,but it was told by JOE already that only 10% will go through.I think JOE is reallyreally a great person and has good techniques for realtors.I will for sure join monthly membership in coming months.

Thanks JOE

Feb 20, 2011 10:09 AM #27
Chanda Barrick
Keller Williams Indy Metro Northeast - Indianapolis, IN
in referral

Thanks again to those of you who have been providing your feedback, I'm sure it will be useful for many weighing their options.

Feb 20, 2011 10:16 AM #28
Jeremy Ward
RE/MAX First - Corydon, IN

I am more interested in the workbook that he provides with the "main event set" he sells. I don't feel like I need all the class time. I do much better reading. Anyone have a workbook their interested in gtting rid of,  contact me. Jeremy 812.987.4048

Mar 25, 2011 03:59 PM #29
Joel Weihe
Realty World Alliance - Wichita, KS
Helping you to use your VA home loan benefits

I've played around the edges for 2 years now. Purchased the Main Event cds, gone thru the 30 day jump start, going thru it again right now, read the blogs and followed the seal training-Warrior Spirit.

I've been in real estate 4 years now and am doing well. Staying consistently busy and ready to step it up a notch so next week I'm calling my coach and starting the full on program. I expect to be very successful!

Jan 06, 2013 09:52 AM #30
Chanda Barrick
Keller Williams Indy Metro Northeast - Indianapolis, IN
in referral

Best of luck to you Joel! Glad the system is working for you.

Jan 08, 2013 04:08 AM #31
Nick Krehnke
Zero Down Home Mortgage Loans FHA VA Jumbo Credit Repair Wa - Kirkland, WA
1-800-88-ZERO-DOWN.com "Lets Co-Market together an

I have been a BRO memeber for almost 2 years and I have the Main Event CD's. The first year I did the $400 per month with coaching program. As Joe himself says, if you are COMMITTED to dedicating 3-5 hour per week EVERY week to working ON YOUR BUSINESS with the BRO steps, it will dramatically help your business and your life. For me it has been an absolute bargin, but if you can't afford $200 per month, I would say your first answer is at the other end of the phone.

Mar 08, 2013 03:00 PM #32
Ron Rodgers

Hi Chandra

You have probably decided already, but I will comment anyway. I was a member of BRO , they are nice people ,helpful but it did not inspire me as I expected. I was going through a real tough patch after 36 years. Probably burnout. I was at a point where I needed to re-invent myself. Unfortunately I was unable to find what I needed at BRO.

I decided to go to a  Buffini turning point , which lead to me signing up for the Peak Producers Programme and I am once again excited about real estate. In my opinion, in 35 years this is the best (by far) that I have seen. I am not saying you should take this programme, that is up to you, but i will say that it might be worth your time to investigate it a little. I hope this is not seen as a put down of BRO because I know they have helped many agents, it just wasn't a good fit for me. There is no one glove fits all ,when it comes to real estate training. They all have something to offer. Good luck in your future endeavours.

Mar 27, 2013 02:15 PM #33
Curt Conant
By Referral Only - I work for Joe Stumpf - Carlsbad, CA
VP Sales & Marketing

Hi Mike,

Sorry to hear about your experience we are typically very responsive to setting up your coaching calls for you.

I'd like to help you out - here's what I can do for you:

  1. Let's restart your 30 day access to the website with a new username and password.
  2. I'll also restart your access to a personal coach and give 30 access.
  3. I'll give you my personal contact information so that you'll get VIP service ;-) (see below)

If you are following this thread and commenting please send me your personal contact information.

For some reason you chose to comment without your complete contact information visable.

Mine is below - and I'm at my desk now if you want to call me.

Talk to you soon "Mike Anonymous"


Direct 760-707-1335


Jun 11, 2013 02:23 PM #35
Curt Conant
By Referral Only - I work for Joe Stumpf - Carlsbad, CA
VP Sales & Marketing

UPDATE On Mike above.

Well no word from Mike "Anonymous" - not really surprised.

Maybe the "couching system" he tried had bad cushions ;-)

And then this...

"Its funny when they cant preach what they teach." we do and we do Mike.


Jun 12, 2013 12:36 PM #36
Chanda Barrick
Keller Williams Indy Metro Northeast - Indianapolis, IN
in referral

I did get email notification for the comment Mike left but don't see it here now...My guess is that he deleted it.  Curt perhaps he will contact you at some point.  I appreciate that you tried to make right what he felt was wrong.

Jun 13, 2013 06:13 AM #37
Inna Ivchenko
Barcode Properties - Encino, CA
Realtor® • Green • GRI • HAFA • PSC Los Angeles CA

I don't use this program, but they say: 82% of all real estate transactions come from repeat and referral business. Something to think about, right? And 92% of consumers trust recommendations from friends and family above all other forms of advertising. Referrals are always good.


Aug 21, 2014 11:55 PM #38
Jeffrey Lee

I left a comment above back in Nov 2010. I was a BRO member for 2 months then and had much praises for BRO. I was primarily using the CRM and the newsletter from BRO. The newsletter content was wonderful and I have had many positive comments and referrals from those who received my newsletter. The CRM is somewhat above average. But I started feeling the customer service from BRO was starting to lack after the first year. In particular the newsletter format was not printing properly per BRO's instruction. My staff and I called and tried to work with their technical staff but they weren't too interested in fixing the bug. I finally gave up on BRO as my marketing staff was spending a lot of time reformatting the newsletter in order to have it printed properly and to also meet the USPS mailing requirement. I also felt that since the newsletter was the main reason I signed up for BRO, the $199 monthly fee was too expensive to carryon on just for this one endeavor. To sum it up, I didn't feel BRO's technical department lived up to what Joe preaches - to WOW your clients so that they will send you referrals. I'm still searching for another newsletter to replace BRO. Please let me know if you have a good one to refer.

Oct 17, 2014 05:59 PM #39
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