America's Family Farms- An American Tradition and Our Nation's Food Supply- Call To Action

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This is an excellent post to read and consider.  I would hope that you decide what you feel is best for your local economy.  The little farmer who raises crops on an acreage of less than 240 acres has no money to lobby or fight back for his best interests.  He or she like you and me has barely enough to make ends meet, if that. 

Original content by Katerina Gasset

America's family farms don't have huge lobby groups. America's small farms are owned by families. Many of these farms have been in a family for generations. Farming is important to our economy and as a food source.

Under all is land and right on top of that land the sustaining of life takes hold through the raising of crops for us all to eat. 

What does this have to do with real estate? A lot! Farms are a part of our real estate panorama. Just because most real estate agents don't list and sell farm land does not mean it should be given any less of a right to the protection of property rights afforded by our U.S. constitution. 

The American farmer is under attack. They are counting on all Americans to step up to the plate and defend their rights to farm freely and without interference from Big Pharma, Big Corporations and the likes of Monsonto. 

But this attack goes even further- it is also an attack on each and every United States citizen by erasing our freedom to choose the food we buy and from whom.

Please join me in stopping Tom Harkin's "FAKE" S 3002 Food Safety Bill and John McCain's "Fake"  S 510 Supplement Safety Bill! Who is paying these guys off? What are they gaining from sponsoring these bills? Dig a bit and you will find out.

The attack on our freedom to buy natural herbs, vitamins and supplements happens every few years and every few years we all stand up to say we want access and freedom to buy what we want to buy and constantly Big Pharma gets bills before the house and congress to make it a law that the only way we get our natural vitamins is through prescriptions and they also want to outlaw all use of herbs. Why? Because we cure ourselves without getting hooked on their drugs. In many other countries the people use all the herbal and natural remedies first. Going to the doctor is last on their list, not first and taking Prescription drugs is the last resort.

McCain's bill will repeal DSHEA and that will destroy our right to access supplements! 

The food safely bill is about industrializing the entire U.S. food supply in the disguise of food safety. 

Currently there are 16 health organizations and consumer groups stepping up to stop John McCain's Bill. But we need more. Because they want to get this jammed through and then there will be no debate and it will all be taken care of behind closed doors. These bills will drive small farmers off their land while big Agribiz will suck up what is left of our small family farms. No, they won't just come and take them away. These bills will create so many regulations and restrictions that the small farmer will not be able to compete. This is all going on without us knowing about it because we are busy paying attention to so many important matters before congress. Organic foods will be under attack silently through these bills. 

Under these FAKE FOOD SAFETY bills there are truly draconian fines and prison terms for even the smallest infractions, some are like 8 years in prison for small infractions. There is no way that small businesses will be able to survive and if you know anything about Monsonto- they have exactly these plans to run the small farmer off their land. This is all under the guise of "food safety". While they may sound good on the surface, we always must dig deeper. When we give up our liberties for imagined securities- we will be very sorry down the road. 

We do not want small independent farmers regulated out of business. 

We are asking you to join us in stopping-  S 510 and S 3002 in their tracks. Please pass this post along and reblog it. Please ask each of your family members over the age of 14 to send a note to your Senators to squash these two dangerous bills. You can take one action for each person in your family. 

Here is an update from the National Health Freedom Foundation: 


02/04/10 - UPDATE: while the fake "Food Safety" Bill S510 remains stalled in the Senate, after our November Blitz sent more than 150,000 emails to the Senate over one long weekend, this week Sen John McCain announced that he was offering another "safety" bill, S 3002. This alleged "safety" bill is aimed at the type of food called "Dietary Supplement" in a blatant attempt to undermine your freedom to access high potency vitamins, minerals and other dietary supplements which Americans have enjoyed since a unanimous Congress adopted the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA). The McCain bill seeks to overthrow major provisions of the current law and force "HARMonization" with international Codex Alimentarius (so-called "World Food Code") restrictions on our food and health freedoms.

See our analysis of the bill at: and please take the Action below; we've modified it to include the new bill; please send this new message to your Senators, even if you've already used the earlier version of this Action Item. See also: for our Health Freedom Action eAlert eblast on this issue -- and please forward that link to all your contacts.



We know you are busy. That is exactly what they are hoping you will say

We know you feel powerless. That is exactly what else they are counting on. 

We now you feel overwhelmed but they are winning if you choose inaction. We have the numbers on our side. They are few, we are many. I don't know one person who thinks we should get rid of natural alternatives and I certainly don't know anyone who is excited about eating GMO foods. Over 80% of us do not want any GMOs in our foods. 

If we are a nation of sheep but do not know we are that is one thing but if we know what is happening yet act like sheep then we will only have ourselves to blame. 

Reclaim your own health choices, your own food choice, your own supplement choices. Don't wait, contact your Senators today. 




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