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Don't worry! This is NOT another post about being nice (which can NOT be stressed enough). This post by Lisa Udy actually explains how commenting on other blogs can create a back link to your blog or website. Check it out and then drop by Lisa's blog and tell her about it!

Original content by Lisa Udy

Much has been said about blog commenting here on ActiveRain, but what about blog commenting out in the real world? I'm talking about commenting on blogs that are not on the ActiveRain platform. Do you comment on other blogs within your niche? Do you try to grab the attention of the big boys? Why would you want to? How can commenting on other blogs help you? 


Commenting on high profile blogs outside of A|R can have a huge impact on your publicity, your search engine results, and your overall popularity within the blogging world. Okay, so you won't get any A|R "points" for commenting outside of A|R, but there is a much larger benefit to be had.


Benefits Of Blog Commenting


  • Grab The Attention Of The Blogs Readers
  • Grab The Attention Of The Blogger
  • Increase Your Brand Awareness
  • Create More Back Links

Yes, blog commenting can do all those things, and much much more, however, there is a catch. You actually have to be a real life genuine human being when your commenting. None of this sissy, "great post thanks for sharing", stuff. You have to add value to the readers of the blog, and you have to add value to the blogger themselves.  "Add Value" is the key. 




There are people out there that have never heard of you,  never heard of ActiveRain, and surely don't know that you are a fantastic blogger. You have to show them that what you have to offer is something they might be interested in. Besides, they are already commenting on blogs and reading information in your niche, all you have to do is prove that you're worth their time. 


How can I grab their attention? 


It works much the same outside of ActiveRain as it does here. When commenting on most blogs, you get to add a link to your website or blog, which people will click on if you add value to a conversation. Here's an example:


Go to Google and search for your niche, and add blogs to the search like this:


Google Search For Real Estate Blogs


As you can see by just doing a general real estate blog search, I have over 100 million choices to choose from. Now, click on a few blogs, and check out how they do their blog commenting. Make sure that when you comment you are able to leave a link back to your blog/website. It should look something like this:


Blog Commenting

The box that says website is where you want to enter your web address to your blog/website. That's all there is to it. Find blogs, leave comments, add value to the conversation, leave a link back to your blog/website, and use your analytics (click that link to learn how to install analytics on your blog) to watch the new traffic come in. 




Attention!When people comment on your blog, how does it make you feel? I can bet it makes you fell warm and fuzzy right?  I'm talking about those people that leave a comment that makes you click on the link to their profile, add them as an associate, and go find their blog to leave them a comment. Those comments are the comments that get blog writers attention, and in a big way. 


I found a blog called New Homes Blog. I started commenting on the blog, and I really enjoy reading what the writer had to say. So, I left some pretty meaty comments, and he emailed me. He asked me to be a guest blogger for his Utah section. A guest blogger! That means that he lets me write blogs on his blog, and leave a link back to my websites for Google juice.  I got his attention by commenting with some great comments to add value to his blog. 


The more you put in the more you will get. Start building a relationship with the blogger, and soon enough they just might start talking about you in their own blogs.




Talking On The PhoneThe more and more you start to show up on blogs in your niche, the more and more your brand is going to get recognized. By commenting on blogs all over th web,you're going to increase your online visibility.

The more you show up, the more people will be curious as to who you are, which will make people more likely to click on your link to learn more about you. Human curiosity!

Think about it. Who are the most popular people you know of on ActiveRain?

I bet you it's the top commenter's such as, TLW, Lenn Harley, Jason Crouch, Todd Clark, Broker Bryant, Loreena Yeo, C-Tann Star, Bill Gassett, Jeff Dowler, Missy Caulk, Rich Jacobson, Patricia Kennedy just to name a few, or the people who comment on your blog everyday.

These people comment a lot and for good reason, they are creating brand awareness. The more you see them, the more you want to know who they are, and that gives you a click through to your blog/website.

How many comments have you made today? 




@ Sign With Phone Cord(If you don't know what a do-follow and no-follow link are, before reading this section, I would recommend you read this blog on no-follow and do-follow links first.) 

Just like ActiveRain, when you comment on some blogs, you get a do-follow link to your website.

Every time you make a comment on ActiveRain while logged in, you get a do-follow link pointing back to your profile.

In order to find blogs that are do-follow around the web, you will have to do some research.

So far, I have a list of 25 do-follow blogs that I am currently commenting on. I don't do it just for the link, I also add as much to the conversation as I can.

If I don't have anything to say that is going to add value, I don't say anything at all. I found these blogs by searching Google and researching real estate forums. Unfortunately, I am not going to give you my list of do-follow blogs, I want you to find your own, because it will be more beneficial to you if you do. 

What I am going to do is, give you a head start in the right direction. Finding do-follow blogs is actually pretty easy once you have the Firefox plugin as mentioned in the link above.

Start out by searching Google for do-follow blogs:




I use these tools and they helped me get a start in the right direction. If you're serious about ranking high for your keywords, commenting on do follow blogs can help you attain your goals. Remember, just because a blog is no follow, doesn't mean you can't get value out of it. Leaving your link is going to get people to click on it, which will bring traffic your way, and increase your brand awareness. 


What's It All Mean?


Commenting on blogs is one of the most fundamental aspects of social media. You are interacting, creating relationships, and adding value to the on-going conversations around the web. Building your awareness through blog commenting takes time and effort to be successful. But I can attest that if you do it with genuine care you soon will start to see an increase in your blogs activity. Good Luck! 

If you have any stories about how you comment, leave me a comment about it. Or better yet, write a blog about it, and leave a link in the comments so you can add value to my conversation! 

P.S. A good place to start commenting is my new Logan Utah Real Estate blog!

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